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The Richmond Football Club receives hundreds of requests each week for donations. The majority of these requests are for signed merchandise and promotional items. The Club endeavours to provide support where it can, however it is not possible to fulfill every request.

With a limited number of signed items available each year, priority is given to major charities and peak community organisations.

Fundraising Memorabilia Program
The following procedure must be followed to purchase ($150) a limited edition (limited to 150) sublimated signed jumper, to be sold for your charity or football club auction/event (only one per entry).

All limited edition sublimated signed jumpers come with a certificate of authenticity.
• Request must be received two weeks prior to the event.
• Applicants must be either a registered football club, registered charitable organisation, not-for-profit organisation, charitable event or other worthy cause.
• Donation requests must be submitted on the official letterhead of the organisation, or be accompanied by a letter from the organisation.
• As limits apply, applications will be processed on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, subject to successful completion of the application form (coming soon).

Sublimated Jumper Program will be available at further notice

Please note - you will be notified within two weeks whether your form has been accepted and processed.