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Richmond Recruiting Rewind: Tigers struck luck with Tuck

In the 14th of a Bingle Recruitment Zone special series, featuring 20 highlights from Richmond’s trade/draft history during the off-season, we focus on how Shane Tuck thrived at Tigerland after flying the Hawks’ nest.

6:00am  Oct 26, 2014

Richmond Recruiting Rewind: Bulldog Brown added bite to Tigers

In the 13th of a Bingle Recruitment Zone special series focusing on 20 highlights from Richmond’s trade/draft history during the off-season, we examine Nathan Brown’s much-publicised move to Tigerland.

6:00am  Oct 25, 2014

Third place for Tigers in Virgin Film Festival

Richmond has secured third place in the 2014 Virgin Australia Film Festival Competition, winning a prize of 30 return economy flights to any short-haul international destination, flying Virgin Australia.

10:59am  Oct 24, 2014

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Recruitment Zone: Brown

9:00am  Oct 25, 2014

Recruitment Zone: Johnson

9:00am  Oct 24, 2014

Recruitment Zone: Stafford

9:00am  Oct 23, 2014

Extending a Lifetime of support for the Richmond Football Club

The Richmond Football Club has established its Bequest Program to forever ensure that our children, grandchildren and the future generations to come retain the opportunity to be part of something great and forever roar the words ‘Yellow & Black’.Members and supporters have been a driving force in forging the magnificent history of the Richmond Football Club.

We invite you to consider extending your lifetime of support for the Richmond Football Club by becoming a member of the Richmond Bequest Society and providing a legacy for the future.

Inaugural members were inducted at a launch in December 2012.

The Richmond Bequest Society is focussed on the advancement, development and longevity of the Club to provide the enjoyment for current and future generations of Richmond supporters.

By providing the funding for state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, Richmond Bequest Society members will influence the development of our players to ensure the next generations enjoy the same wonderful experiences Tiger supporters have had for more than 100 years.

By doing so, you will help keep the Club financially strong, successful and welcoming for future players, supporters and the community.

What does being a member of the Richmond Bequest Society entail?

Members of the Richmond Bequest Society make the gift of a bequest to the Club by stating their intention to make a contribution in their will. There are no joining fees and there are no costs associated with attendance at functions. You will be part of a warm, welcoming and friendly social environment contributing to your Club’s success while catching up with old friends and making new ones.

What Benefits do I receive as a Bequest Society Member?
Membership Certificate
•    Unique Membership Pin
•    Member Name Badge
•    Invitations to social gatherings and functions where past and or present players may be in attendance
•    A Richmond History Book  that captures all the wonderful memories of Tigerland (Yellow & Black – 100 Years of History)
•    A signed Richmond Birthday card to commemorate your special day each year
•    Recognition, on realisation of the members bequest, on a perpetual honour board (unless wishing to remain anonymous)
•    Plaque of Appreciation given to the family of the bequest member

How to make a bequest

You can make a bequest by downloading this form.

Your generous support can truly make a real and lasting difference. To ensure we can honour you properly, please make sure you notify the club if you have decided to make a bequest or if you would like more information regarding the Richmond Bequest Society.

Your Legacy Respected

Should you decide to join the Richmond Bequest Society, your bequest will be treated with the utmost respect.

Your bequest will be invested into an Endowment Fund which will be built and sustained to secure the long term future of the Club.

An investment Committee comprising selected members of the Board and one or more other external parties will establish and develop strategies for the Endowment Fund. The Investment Committee will meet as is reasonably required to review the performance of the Endowment Fund.

Save for exceptional circumstances, only income earned from the Endowment Fund will be accessed and used to support the Club’s development needs. This income will be used to improve facilities and resources for the development of the players and coaches as we relentlessly strive for the ultimate on-field success.

It is the intent that the Endowment Fund itself will not be drawn upon, and in doing so the Club will build a powerful, long-term endowment for the future.

This means your legacy remains a perpetual gift to the Club.

Contact Details:
Geraldine Albrecht
(03) 9426 4480
Richmond Football Club
ME Bank Centre, Punt Road Oval
PO Box 48, Richmond VIC 3121