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Voices in the crowd: stories of being Richmond, by Dugald Jellie. 

Dugald was born during the third quarter of a Richmond win at the MCG. For the past two seasons he has written a blog – – about what it is to be Richmond.

This season, the Richmond Football Club turns its gaze to the other side of the boundary to share the stories of its fans. On each and every Wednesday, the Club will publish a profile of a fan in the outer. These are the voices in the crowd, those who are Richmond, all of whom have wonderful stories to tell about belonging and identity and being a Tiger.

This is a project also of participation.  It is about grassroots involvement. If you know of any Richmond fan who has a wonderful story to tell about their barracking, please email Dugald Jellie with details:  


Oh we're from Tigerland: Francis Bourke

Francis Bourke debuted for Richmond in 1967, a premiership year, played 300 games, won five flags, and was named on the wing in the AFL Team of the Century. But I’ve come to talk to him about his father, and what it is to remember.

5:46pm Apr 20, 2017


Oh we're from Tigerland: Lucy Sweetman

Lucy Sweetman, like her mum and her mum before her, likes footy and loves Richmond. Only difference is, she gets to play the game.

2:36pm Mar 28, 2017


Oh we're from Tigerland: David Norman

This series of fan profiles started this year with Cheryl Critchley, but could only truly ever end with one man: David Norman. This is his Richmond story.

2:33pm Aug 10, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Robert Jones

This time last year Richmond supporter Robert Jones had only months to live, unless an organ donor could be found. This is his story, of hope and survival.

2:45pm Aug 4, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Cassandra Hall

Cassandra Hall, the daughter of a Tiger, in a roundabout way will be at this Saturday’s game in Canberra.

5:20pm Jul 27, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: JD

Trilingual ‘JD’ knows about showmanship, and being elsewhere, and a longing for Richmond’s return to the glory days.

5:42pm Jul 20, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Louise Murray and Katie Cowe

Two friends and flatmates, two wee lassies from Glasgow, Louise Murray and Katie Cowe, they’ve a wonderful Tiger story to tell.

2:44pm Jul 13, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Barry Giles

Every Richmond fan has a story to tell. Ask a question and the answers might lead to the most unexpected places. This is part of the story of Barry Giles.

3:36pm Jun 22, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Sharni and Sam Westergreen

Friday night’s loss was a cold reminder of football’s sometimes hard fate. But the following day, for two young Tasmanians in Hobart, a new life was set free at last.

4:49pm Jun 8, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Chris Rees

Chris Rees was born in Burnie and lives in Hobart. He’s a Tassie Tiger who appreciates the art of football.

2:38pm Jun 1, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Andrew Peters

Australia’s Indigenous culture – a way of life – is celebrated in the AFL this weekend; Andrew Peters; a lecturer in Indigenous Studies at Swinburne University, a Wurundjeri / Yorta Yorta man, a Tigers fan, explains what it means to him.

10:21am May 25, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Kerrie & Vince Morton

Who’s going to Perth this weekend? For Kerrie and Vince Morton, it’s trip No. 9 to the west in their great odyssey of watching Richmond play on the road.

5:25pm May 18, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Fran Doughton

Richmond fans in Sydney, as with many elsewhere, mightn’t be able to get to the MCG on Saturday night. But as with Fran Doughton, her heart will be at the game.

4:32pm May 11, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Robyn & Emily Meggs

It’s not always easy being Richmond, but there could be no other way for Robyn Meggs and her daughter, Emily.

1:22pm Apr 27, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Michael Gale

Michael ‘Butch’ Gale played in a Richmond side who in 1995 gave pleasure to many fans. But he’s also a lifelong barracker, for all at Tigerland.

5:24pm Apr 13, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Kate Birrell

Rollercoaster? Richmond fan Kate Birrell knows as well as any the emotional ups-and-downs of being a Tiger. She paints the experience of being a supporter.

12:36pm Apr 7, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Yogi Thurairatnam

In Richmond there is faith, belief, belonging. For Sri Lankan born fan Yogi Thurairatnam there is also a de facto family.

3:26pm Mar 30, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Cheryl Critchley

How much of a Tiger are you? Cheryl Critchley’s wedding reception at Richmond Town Hall was only ever going to have one colour scheme: yellow and black.

4:14pm Mar 22, 2016


Oh we're from Tigerland: Jason Mariniello

Richmond local Jason Mariniello knows a thing or two about painting the town yellow and black.

10:24am Aug 19, 2015


Oh we're from Tigerland: Donnie Davidson

A Mildura girl at heart, Donnie Davidson’s long-distance Richmond love was shaped by a lottery, by a recruiting zone, and by a class mate who went to Punt Road.

9:43am Aug 12, 2015