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11:00am  Jan 19, 2018

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12:41pm  Jan 18, 2018

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VFLW Tigers inaugural training session

The VFLW Tigers have begun their pre-season campaign, with 45 players fighting for a spot on the Club’s 2018 list.

12:27pm  Jan 19, 2018

Rioli set to run

Richmond star Daniel Rioli is set to begin running next week after undergoing surgery in October to recover from a broken foot sustained in the Tigers' Grand Final victory over Adelaide.

11:46am  Jan 18, 2018

Midsumma Festival launch

Richmond’s commitment to diversity and inclusion was on show at last Sunday’s Midsumma Festival launch at Alexandra Gardens.

5:14pm  Jan 17, 2018

Reality check?

Meg Ellard  April 24, 2013 3:33 PM

Hey everyone. 

Well since I wrote last we’ve had two wins and a loss. That would make us 3 wins 1 loss, currently at 6th position on the ladder. This time last year we’d lost to Carlton, Collingwood and Geelong and won against Melbourne and were at 13th position on the ladder. These are the facts so far. Although critics and naysayers are saying that Richmond and its supporters got a reality check on Saturday in our loss to Collingwood, I hardly think our lid was off so to speak. Are we excited that we won our first three games for the first time in a very long time? Yes. But I doubt any Richmond supporter or team member needed a ‘reality check’ when it comes to our chances. 

There’s something about having supported a team who’s been down for so long, that you almost have shell shock when it comes to believing you’re a chance to win. Do I dare believe that we could beat Carlton in round 1? Do I dare believe we could make it three in a row? Do I dare believe we could beat perennial finals favourites Collingwood? The last statement proved to be too difficult for our boys. But we continue to dare to peek our head above the trenches this week, hoping not be to shot down. 

Can we beat Fremantle at home? In previous years, I wouldn’t have believed in us entirely. I would have hoped and wished with all my heart that we’d win, but I wouldn’t have gone in truly believing it.

This year, I feel that we can. I believe this year that we will win games that previously we wouldn’t. Maybe Collingwood wasn’t one. But Fremantle may be. But in order for that to be true I do think we need to focus on some key aspects. The number one aspect I think we need to improve is that we need to tackle. Coming 18th in the league for tackling is just not an option. In the third quarter we laid 4 tackles. 4! 

That is not acceptable, and I’m sure Dimma will be working on that a lot this week. Ross Lyon’s teams are always defensive in their style of play and we need to play tough hard football to get over the top of them. I think our defensive aspects overall need some work, but getting our tackle count up would be a step in the right direction. I hope to see that this week.

I am also excited to see who will get into the team this week, with Morris going out suspended. Will Vlastuin make his debut? Will Aaron Edwards get a run this week? After kicking 7 for Coburg last week he’ll surely be a chance. Will Batchelor be back in the team this week? I think it will be interesting to see who comes in after our loss, with very few changes having been made after our wins.

The main thing I want to say to Richmond supporters is, keep believing and keep daring to peek out from the trench that is our long stretch without a finals appearance. We’re a resilient bunch of fans, still turning up in droves week after week, year after year without finals. We have tasted the highs and felt the deep lows. We know the agony and the ecstasy of barracking for Richmond. 

Don’t tell us we need a reality check. We know the reality, and we will continue to believe.

Go Tigers! Meg.