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Grand recollections: Jack Riewoldt

Tony Greenberg,  October 13, 2017 12:43 PM

Grand recollections: Riewoldt Jack Riewoldt reflects on the 2017 Premiership.

We continue our special post-season series presenting the thoughts of Richmond’s latest premiership heroes on that glorious one day in September 2017. Today, the Tigers’ star key forward and co vice-captain Jack Riewoldt talks candidly and proudly about achieving the game’s ultimate success.

Significance of the premiership triumph

“It means the world to me, but it means so much to so many other people. And I’m really proud of that . . . to be part of the Club that was able to fill a few hearts and recreate some dreams for all the people out there that wear Yellow and Black.”

Tiger Army out in force

“The supporters were just awesome. A lot of sides will say that it’s not an issue when they play against us, but we just outnumbered whoever we were coming up against, which I feel gives you a head start over your opposition straight away.”

Controlling the contested-ball contest

It (the Grand Final) was a game where we just needed to win contested ball, and we beat them pretty easily in that area . . . I think it was the key thing that led to us winning the game.”

His plans going into the big game

“I didn’t really have too much of a focus on one individual aspect. It was just about trying to put the full package together of what I thought I could bring, and have fun . . . Got a good jump and took a couple of nice grabs, but I was more pumped that I had seven tackles, to be honest, than the marks.”

Role of the young, small forwards

“With the young guys in the forward line we knew that if we could chase, tackle and pressure them, it would work in our favour . . . They’re pretty driven, and their heads are screwed on very, very well. So they just played a role, which was all we asked of them for the whole year.”

Thriving on the involvement with the forward Tiger cubs

“The best footy for these kids, is so far ahead of them. They’re going to become very, very good players. I’d like to think myself and ‘Leppa’ (assistant coach Justin Leppitsch) have had a small impact on the development of those players. And, to be honest, if I do leave a legacy at Richmond Football Club, I certainly hope it’s the impact with those players because they’re like little brothers to me . . . they’re really important.”

Strong team-first approach

“In the Grand Final, it was evident from the first goal we kicked, where Dan Butler chipped that one to Josh Caddy . . . It nearly becomes a competition, just who can give off the most goals, or who can put their teammate in a better spot. You even look at Dusty (Dustin Martin) – the best player in the competition – and he just has no hesitation to pass it to his mates, when he could have a clear shot at goal.” 

Remaining well grounded

“You never want to look too far ahead. We really just wanted to focus on doing the little things right.  The last 40 foot of (climbing) Mt Everest is where the most people die, because they’re looking at the top. We didn’t look at the top until right at the end. We were looking at our feet, and we got to the top.”

At the final siren

“I was pretty close to ‘Grigga’ (Shaun Grigg) and Dusty, so I was sort of making my way around there and trying to stand near Grigga because he’s probably my best mate here. And Dusty was around us, too. It was just pure joy.”

‘Richo’ handing over the premiership cup

“I was absolutely pumped for Richo (Matthew Richardson) to be able to share in the moment, as well, because the Club was going through some dark times there and he was the shining light, the person that really kept the football club together, I reckon. He kept the hope in the hearts of the Richmond faithful . . .” 

Proud to make so many people so happy

“It’s great celebrating and it’s great having fun with the guys. More importantly, I’ve just had so many people come up to me, who were just as excited as what I was when the (final) siren went. It shows how important it is to so many other people. And I’m really proud of that. It’s just been an amazing year.”