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Top tale of Toby the Tiger

Contract: Nankervis Toby Nankervis speaks to Roar Vision about re-commiting to Richmond until the end of 2020.

Toby Nankervis was a revelation as No. 1 ruckman in Richmond’s 2017 premiership year. In this ‘Roar Vision’ interview, he talks about his Tiger passion and preparations for season 2018.

New contract deal

“Obviously to sign on for two more years, and be at the Club until the end of 2020, is very exciting for me. I can’t wait to be a part of this group for a few more years.”

Tigerland attraction

“Ever since I got to the Club, a bit over 12 months ago now, it’s just been an amazing group of people, right from the coaching staff to support staff, all the way to the playing group . . . I’m so privileged to be part of that and can’t wait to build on some strong relationships and continue the growth, along with the other boys. I think the connections and the relationships we have, it’s really held us in good stead so far, and I can’t wait to continue that . . . I came to the Club not really knowing anyone, so everything was new to me and it did take a few weeks for me to settle in . . . The boys have just been terrific ever since I got here and I can’t thank them enough for how welcome they made me feel.”

The mighty Tiger Army

“The fans have been amazing. The Tiger Army have really got behind us and it’s good to see them taste some success last year. But even before that they were amazing. We’ve got the best fans in the game and, hopefully, we can have some more success for them in the next few years.”

Pre-season progress

“Pre-season’s been good. Every pre-season is really difficult, but (it’s been) really enjoyable at the same time. I’ve been pretty lucky I haven’t really missed a session . . . A lot of boys are really fit and we have a number out on the track, which is really good. Just starting to get into more game-based stuff now, which is a bit more fun than running around Punt Road here doing laps . . .”

Individual focus

“Probably at the moment it’s just trying to improve every session. I think I’ve got so much growth in my fitness, and in the gym as well. Just my game in general’s got so much growth as well.”

Ruck ‘n’ roll with Ivvy

“We’ve got a good little group of rucks here at the moment with Shaun Hampson, Ivan Soldo, Mabior Chol’s doing a bit of it, and Callum Coleman-Jones, who’s a first-year draftee. We’ve had some really competitive sessions. Big Ivvy Maric (ruck coach) has been so good for all of us as well with how much time he devotes to us . . . I think you can see so much improvement from our entire ruck group.”