One of Richmond's all-time favourite sons was actually a father-son selection.

Alan 'Bull' Richardson played 103 games for the Tigers between 1959 and 1969, with son Matthew Richardson then joining the Tigers in the 1992 draft.

Richardson became a passionate, legendary figure at the club during one of its toughest on-field periods, playing 282 games from 1993 to 2009, but only featuring in one finals series in 2001.

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Rewind: Richo kicks ten

Richo has a day to remember against the Dogs, round eight, 2004.

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Capable of slotting a goal from 50m on the boundary and then missing directly in front within a five-minute period, Richardson nevertheless holds the record for goals kicked on the MCG, with 464 of his 800 majors coming at the ground.

Teammate Joel Bowden played 265 games for the Tigers, following father Michael, and while he was a well-loved Tiger, it's a tough task to overtake 'Richo'.

All father-son picks: Sean Bowden (1988), Matthew Richardson (1992), David Bourke (1994), Joel Bowden (1995), Nick Jewell (1995), Tom Roach (2003), Patrick Naish (2017), Maurice Rioli Jnr. (2020)

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Remembering Richo

A look back at the football career of Matthew Richardson.

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