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Salute to Tiger Anzacs

On Anzac Day 2014, we pay special tribute to those Richmond VFL/AFL players who fought for Australia in World War 1 and World War 2.

VFL Era – World War 1

ARBREW, John Luke:  enlisted 21/1/1916; discharged 26/12/1920; rank of Air Mechanic

BANNISTER, Horace Powell:  enlisted 18/6/1918; discharged 24/12/1918; Private

BIRTLES, Arthur Albert Rowden:  enlisted 7/7/1915; discharged 28/7/1919; Private

BRISTOW, John Mountsteven:  enlisted 19/8/1914; discharged 30/3/1919; Lieutenant; received Military Cross

BURCHILL, James Freeman:  enlisted 25/10/1918; discharged 24/12/1918; Private

CARTER, Ernest:  enlisted 27/10/1916; discharged 24/12/1919; T/Sergeant

CORFIELD, Joseph Michael:  enlisted 17/11/1914; discharged 5/2/1916;  Private

CORFIELD, Joseph Michael:  enlisted 14/2/1916; discharged 13/8/1919; Private

DANKS, Arthur Beethoven:  enlisted 12/8/1915; discharged 2/8/1919; Driver

DERRICK, Edward John:  enlisted 17/10/1916; discharged 9/4/1918; Private

EASON, Alexander:  enlisted 5/9/1916; discharged 8/9/1919; Private

ELLIN, Percy:  enlisted 19/10/1916; discharged 25/10/1917; Private

FELL, Claude Allen:  enlisted 15/7/1915; discharged 9/8/1915; Private

FELL, Claud Allen:  enlisted 9/9/1918; discharged 3/2/1920; Farrier Sergeant

FISHER, Edward Edgar:  20/8/1914; discharged 22/8/1918; Warrant Officer; received Meritorious Service Medal

FOX, Arthur Henry:  enlisted 17/8/1914; discharged 31/8/1916; Lance Corporal

GIBSON, Stormouth George Henry:  enlisted 17/8/1914; discharged 31/8/1916; Lance Corporal

GODFREY, Bruce Maitland:  enlisted 29/4/1916; discharged 5/9/1919; Corporal

GRIFFITHS, David:  enlisted 7/8/1916; discharged 10/6/1919; Sapper

HARRISON, Arthur Charles:  enlisted 21/6/1915; Lance Corporal; Killed In Action

HAYES, Douglas Leo:  enlisted 5/7/1915; discharged 28/7/1919; Driver

HOOD, Edmund Gerald Martin:  enlisted 18/3/1918; discharged 24/12/1918; Air Mechanic

HUGGARD, James Francis:  enlisted 19/7/1915; discharged 3/4/1919; Lance Corporal; received Military Medal

HUGHES, Francis Vane:  enlisted 7/7/1915; discharged 15/12/1919; QM Sergeant; received Meritorious Service Medal

IRWIN, Leslie George:  enlisted 5/1/1915; discharged 9/8/1919; QM Sergeant; received Military Medal

JAMES, John:  enlisted 24/2/1916; discharged 18/7/1919; Lieutenant; received Military Cross and Bar

KEGGIN, Edward:  enlisted 18/9/1911; discharged 30/7/1919; Petty Officer

KIERNAN, Basil Stanley:  enlisted 30/7/1918; discharged 15/1/1919; Private

KIRKPATRICK, Lyster Adam:  enlisted 17/1/1916; discharged 27/4/1916; Sapper

LEE, Edward Leslie:  enlisted 7/3/1916; discharged 8/6/1917; Private; Killed In Action

LYNCH, William David:  enlisted 29/3/1915; discharged 23/8/1919; Driver

MacGREGOR, John Murray:  enlisted 26/6/1915; discharged 4/2/1920; Staff Sergeant

MAXFIELD, James:  enlisted 11/2/1916; discharged 19/9/1919; Private

MAY, Frederick:  enlisted 5/3/1917; discharged 24/4/1917; Acting Lieutenant

MAYNARD, Henry Verney:  enlisted 19/1/1915; discharged 21/5/1919; Lieutenant

MINOGUE, Daniel Thomas:  enlisted 16/3/1916; discharged 27/6/1919; Corporal

MOORE, Edward Vernon:  enlisted 29/9/1914; discharged 16/1/1919; Lance Corporal

MORGAN, Frederick Harold:  enlisted 5/8/1915; discharged 18/4/1918; Staff Sergeant

MORRIS, Melville Arthur Leslie:  enlisted 30/4/1917; discharged 29/3/1920; Gunner

MURRAY, Alexander James:  enlisted 19/9/1916; discharged 6/10/1916; Corporal

McCASKILL, Robert James:  enlisted 8/11/1916; discharged 4/10/1919; Sergeant

McDONALD, James Alexander:  enlisted 26/7/1915; discharged 26/7/1918; Private

McLEAR, George:  enlisted 4/6/1915; discharged 20/7/1916; Bombadier

NOLAN, William:  enlisted 20/7/1915; discharged 23/7/1916; Sergeant

PARKINSON, Walter George:  enlisted 17/11/1914; discharged 4/8/1919; Lieutenant; received Military Medal

POLLOCK, Henry Clyde:  enlisted 27/4/1917; discharged 14/3/1920; Lance Corporal

PRICE, Richard Lewis:  enlisted 18/8/1914; discharged 3/9/1919; Lieutenant

PRICE, Sydney Alexander:  enlisted 16/6/1915; discharged 11/8/1919; Corporal

ROBINSON, Arch:  enlisted 17/8/1914; discharged 19/2/1919; Corporal

ROSS, George Edward:  enlisted 9/7/1918; discharged 24/12/1918; Air Mechanic

RUDD, William Victor James:  enlisted 17/8/1914; discharged 17/9/1915: Private

RYAN, Ignatius Emmett Francis:  enlisted 11/12/1914; discharged 4/7/1919; Lieutenant

SALVADO, Alexander Panteleon:  enlisted 10/1/1916; discharged 1/6/1918; Sapper

SCOTT, Robert William:  enlisted 8/5/1916; discharged 16/1/1918; Private

SHEEHAN, John Joseph:  enlisted 12/7/1915; discharged 6/11/1916; Sergeant

STOKESBURY, Albert Hamilton:  enlisted 7/9/1915; discharged 23/12/1915; Private

STOTT, Wilfred:  enlisted 22/9/1914; discharged 8/3/1919; Staff Sergeant

THORPE, William Francis:  enlisted 18/9/1915; discharged 24/9/1915; Private

THORPE, William Francis:  enlisted 26/2/1916; discharged 1/5/1916; Private

THORPE, William Francis:  enlisted 26/10/1916; discharged 4/2/1917; Private

THORPE, William Francis:  enlisted 24/12/1917; discharged 7/3/1918; Private

THORPE, William Francis:  enlisted 3/5/1918; discharged 10/6/1918; Private

THORPE, William Francis:  enlisted 24/6/1918; discharged 25/6/1918; Private

THORPE, William Francis:  enlisted 8/7/1918; discharged 15/11/1918; Private

THRELFALL, George Sylvester:  enlisted 23/8/1918; discharged 24/12/1918; Private

TWOMEY, Francis Peterick:  enlisted 15/9/1914; discharged 16/11/1916; Sergeant

VALENTINE, George Heinrich:  enlisted 20/11/1917; discharged 17/8/1919; Air Mechanic

WEATHERILL, Henry Francis:  enlisted 21/7/1915; discharged 7/7/1919; Private

WEEKS, Horace Leslie:  enlisted 1/2/1916; discharged 2/1/1920; Corporal

WOOTTON, Stanley Eli:  enlisted 17/9/1915; discharged 18/10/1919; Lieutenant

RFC Armed Forces Personnel  World War 2

ALBISTON, Kenneth Ian

ARBREW, John Luke

AUSTEN, Colin Edward

BAGGOTT, John Henry

BATES, George William Henry

BAXTER, David James

BENTON, William Joseph

BICE, Percy John

BOUCH, Alan Douglas

BOURKE, Francis Michael

BRETT, Stanley Herbert


BROMAN, Albert Ryno

BROOKS, Keith William

BURKE, Cyril Ignatius

CAHILL, Lawrence William Denmon

CARTWRIGHT, Stuart Albert

CLARK, George Leslie

COLLINSON, Edward John

COLLS, Kevin John

CONNORS, Matthew Thomas

COOK, Frederick George

COOK, Keith Eric

COSGROVE, William Nicholas Pax  (Killed In Action)

COTTER, John Francis

CRANE, John Edward

CRAPPER, Thomas Frederick

CURRIE, John Francis Robert

DAVEY, Patrick Joseph


DICKSON, Norman Mons

DOCKENDORFF, Sydney Christopher

DOHERTY, Noel Wilson

DURHAM, Ronald James


EDMONDS, Horace Stephens

EDWARDS, Edward Albert

EVANS, Francis Maxwell

FARMER, Horace Charles

FINCHER, John Alexander

FITZPATRICK, James Neilson

FRASER, Donald William James 

GARVIE, William Henry  (Killed In Action)

GILES, Leonard George

GISLINGHAM, Robert Arthur

GODFREY, Bruce Maitland

GODING, Frederick Arthur

GRANT, Geoffrey Norman

HANLEY, Edward

HARRIS, Donald William James

HARRIS, Stanley William

HAY, Robert Arthur

HINSON, Joseph Ford

HISLOP, David Gordon

HODGES, Albert Mosely

HOOD, Maxwell William

HOWARD, Francis Joseph

HUGHES, Francis

HULL, Ian Goodman

HUNT, Raymond Gilbert

JAMES, Albert Thomas

JONES, Leslie William

JORDON, Clarence Charles Lewis

JUDKINS, Stanley Lucas

KEGGIN, Edward

KEMP, Arthur Lionel

KENNEY, Vincent Paul

KIGHT, Francis James

LEWIS, Allan James

MacBETH, Roderick John

MARTIN, Norman Desmond

MAYNARD, Henry Verney

MORGAN, Frederick Harold

MORRIS, James William McLaren

MURRAY, Norman Selwyn

McCASKILL, Robert James

McCORMACK, Basil Milton

McCORMICK, John Alexander

McDONALD, Alan Joseph

McEWAN, Thomas Henry

McILVEEN, Robert

McLEAR, George

NAGLE, Phillip Daniel

NELSON, George Anthony

NOTT, Cyril Edwin Henry

NUTTER, Alan John

OAKLEY, Alan Spencer

O’BRIEN, Cyril James

O’CONNELL, Maurice Michael

OGDEN, Stanley Gordon

OGILVIE, Leslie George Colin

O’NEILL, Edward Kevin

PANNAM, Albert Constantine

PARKINSON, Walter George

PATTON, William Leslie

POLLOCK, Henry Clyde

PRICE, Richard Lewis

QUINN, Jack Alban

QUINN, Royston Duggan

RAE, Keith Stanley

RANDALL, Brian Thomas

RIPPER, William Dudley

ROSS, Albert Noel

ROSS, Raymond Robert

RUDOLPH, George Ernest

RUSSELL, Walter Ivan

RYAN, Stanislaus

SCHMIDT, Louis William

SCOTT, Robert

SCRIVEN, Raymond Kirk

SHERMAN, Peter Seaton

SIER, Kenneth Vincent

SMEATON, George Frederick

SMITH, Laird Morton

STAINSBY, Leslie Arthur

STAMMERS, Frederick Nolan

STEELE, Raymond Charles

STEWART, Robert Lee

STREET, Charles Ackroyd

STYLES, Gordon Graham

SULLIVAN, John Desmond

SYMONS, John Sutton

TAYLOR, Laurence William

TOMLINS, Stanley Crawford George

VANDERSLUYS, Stanley Ernest

WALDREN, Bernard

WALLIKER, Robert Arthur

WATSON, Clive Thomas Edward


WHITE, William Ernest

WHITEHEAD, Joseph Reginald


WILSON, Robert John

YATES, Stanley Lancelot

ZSCHECH, Eric Leslie

*Researched, collated and assembled by Alby Irwin.