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The rise and rise of Shane Edwards

Edwards explains improvement Shane Edwards describes to Matthew Richardson the key areas he has focused on in 2015.

The form of talented small man Shane Edwards has been a big positive for Richmond amid its slow start to the season.  ‘Roar Vision’ caught up with him this week to gauge his opinion on a broad range of both individual and team-related football topics . . .

On his form this season
“Personally, I think I’ve played a bit better than what I have other years and had a good start to the season.  But, just like the team, I could be a lot more consistent over four quarters.

On further improvements in his game
“I think just making the most of my opportunities when it comes up forward and also getting involved more when it’s up the ground.  So, just being cleaner and really finishing off my disposal, is something I still need to work on.

On his team role
“At the moment I’m doing centre bounces and running forward, spending a little bit of midfield in the second half, but it’s mainly the same as the second half of last year.

On his centre-bounce involvement
“Yeah, it’s good, it really gets me involved in the game and just starting in there puts you around the ball and you can get lost at half-forward sometimes.  So, yeah, I love doing it.  I’m not going to take it for granted.

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On stepping up as a leader at the Club
“I’m gradually getting there.  ‘Dimma’ (coach Damien Hardwick) gives me a lot more responsibility with going in at centre bounces and stuff, so I’m seeing myself as more of a leader, which I should.  This is my ninth year, so what I have to say should be the right thing by now.

On the mood at Tigerland
“It’s not too bad.  We don’t really listen to what the media say.  We know what we have to do – we need to cut down our turnovers.  So it’s more positive than what people would think.

On reducing those turnovers
“I think just putting more pressure on ourselves at training, making sure we nail every kick, because if you’re not nailing them at training, with less pressure, you’re not going to do it in games.

On facing Collingwood this Sunday
“We need to do what they do to teams to them.  So we’re going to have to be right on our game and make sure we make amends for what we did last week.”