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The VFL Report: Round 20

VFL review: Round 20 VFL and Development Coach, Craig McRae speaks to Roar Vision about the Round 20 win against Sandringham.

Richmond VFL and development coach Craig McRae provides a summary of the AFL and VFL-listed players who featured in last Sunday's thrilling nine-point win against Sandringham.


Anthony Miles
29 disposals, 15 contested possessions, seven clearances, four tackles

‘Milsey’ returned from AFL duties and performed really well. His third and fourth quarter really sparked the team to get it over the line. His contest was really strong — 15 contested possessions and seven clearances, he was one of our best players.

Reece Conca
21 disposals, two goals, four clearances, four tackles

Started the game down back and then went into the midfield. Particularly when he went into the midfield he won a lot of clearances. He ended up kicking two goals in the third quarter to give us a really big spark in that period. A really solid game from him.

Jacob Townsend
19 disposals, 12 contested possessions, four clearances, three tackles

A tough inside performance as you’d expect from him. Had six inside 50s which led the team, had 19 disposals, 12 contested. It wasn’t his best performance, but he played a role.

Jason Castagna
16 disposals, five tackles, three inside 50s

Played at half-back and through the midfield. It was a capable performance and another solid game from him, without having too many highs and lows. His pressure around the contest was his strength with five tackles.

Corey Ellis
14 disposals, two clearances, eight contested possessions

Started the game reasonably slowly in the first half. Had a few fumbles at ground level and dropped marks. As the game wore on he showed his class and was able to influence the game.

Ivan Maric
28 hit-outs, one goal, 14 disposals, four clearances, four inside 50s

Played his best game at VFL-level for the year in my eyes. His intensity was a real standout and he dominated the ruck. It was a really strong performance from him.

Mabior Chol
13 disposals, 10 kicks, four marks

Played down back in one of his more consistent four-quarter performances. He’s had concentration lapses in recent weeks, but didn’t have them in this game and he was strong. When the game had its most pressure he was standing up. I was really proud of his 13 disposals and his effort on the day.

Nathan Broad
12 disposals, two clearances, two tackles

A solid game without many highs and lows. He was a bit fumbly early, but as the game wore on, he won more and more one-on-ones which has been a feature in recent weeks.

Daniel Butler
11 disposals, one goal, six contested possessions

Only one tackle to go with his 11 disposals, but his pressure and intensity around the contest, and his GPS (numbers) were through the roof. He’s certainly running on top of the ground and performing really consistently of late.

Liam McBean
10 disposals, one goal, four marks

A tough day for talls but he stood out in patches. He had three shots on goal, but only kicked 1.2. Probably one of the better “big guys” on the ground in terms of influence, certainly for our team.

Ben Lennon
Eight disposals, one goal, one tackle

Returned from the AFL and struggled to have any influence on the game. Only had eight disposals, and we need him to work harder from contest-to-contest and also have more influence in the defensive part of his game.

Adam Marcon
Eight disposals, three tackles, two clearances

Unfortunately was injured before half time and didn’t play any further part.

Nathan Drummond
Seven disposals, one goal, two marks, one clearance

Unfortunately like Adam (Marcon) was injured before half time and didn’t take any further part in the game.

Ivan Soldo
22 hit-outs, seven disposals, two tackles

He is really improving his ruck-work around the ground. He’s an important ally for Ivan Maric in the ruck, played his role really well.

Ty Vickery
Two goals, six disposals, one mark

Was also injured in the third quarter.


Nick Mellington
22 disposals, 10 handball receives, three clearances, three tackles

Played his best game in over a month. Another who really got us going in the third quarter. His contest wins and use of the ball going inside 50 were really strong. He had a really good game.

Jacob Ballard
20 disposals, seven clearances, four tackles

Continued his good form with 20 disposals — was a really solid role player for us. Had seven clearances which led the team, also had four inside 50s and four tackles.

Sam Darley
19 disposals, six handball receives, four marks

Played down back and had 19 disposals in tricky conditions for ball use. He showed great leadership late in the game to compose us and set things up from behind the play. Had a solid game.

Tom Silvestro
18 disposals, four marks, four clearances, three tackles

Continues to show his growth as a player. Regularly gaining over 18 possessions at the moment, which isn't something he was doing early in the year. His hard running is such a feature. He’s a great role player for us.

Jake Aarts
15 disposals, four tackles, two clearances

Probably the most improved player on our list at the moment. Had 15 disposals playing as a small forward ― his pressure and intensity around the contest was really strong. He is so important in our structure.

Kayle Kirby
Five goals, 13 disposals, 11 contested possessions, two tackles

Our 23rd player and a real surprise packet. No one expected five goals from him, but had some really strong contests with 11 contested possessions. He was a real standout and is a real talent.

Daniel Coffield
12 disposals, six contested possessions, three marks

Probably our most consistent defender for four quarters on the day. He was rarely beaten in the contest — strong in the air, both spoiling and marking, in what was a good game from him.

Ryan Gale
Nine disposals, six uncontested possessions, three marks

Had a poor game to his standards. He was beaten in many one-on-ones, we need a spike from Ryan and he’s a better player than that.