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Grand recollections: Kamdyn McIntosh

Grand recollections: McIntosh Kamdyn McIntosh reflects on the 2017 Premiership.

We continue our special post-season series revealing the thoughts of Richmond’s latest premiership heroes on that wonderful one day in September 2017. Today, hard-running wingman Kamdyn McIntosh has his say on the Tigers’ tremendous triumph. 

The Grand Final lead-up

“It was pretty hectic, full-on. There was a lot of noise around the outside of the Club, fans and social media and things like that. But when we were inside here at the Club, we all kept each other calm and bounced off each other with a few jokes, just to keep us level-headed and not looking too far ahead. We were staying in the moment . . . It felt like it went long (the week) because we played two games in a month through the finals period . . . So we were all a little bit anxious, wanting to get out there, but it was pretty unreal.”

The big game itself

“Just blokes crashing in, putting their bodies on the line, like ‘Cotchy’ (Trent Cotchin) diving over the ball, and ‘Towner’s’ (Jacob Townsend) tackle efforts, driving his head into blokes . . . I just remember the boys were fierce out there and wanting the ball in their hands. And it’s a credit to the players because I feel like that’s really how we modelled our game this year. It was pretty unbelievable to be out there, and the feeling that was going on.” 

The final siren

“I was on the bench. There were about three or four minutes to go in the game and I just wanted to get out there and be on the field for the siren . . . I had the biggest smile on my face. It was pretty incredible when the siren went. Us boys on the bench just sprinted out to the closest group of blokes, swarming each other, and I ended up jumping on everyone. It was pretty amazing. And then, after that, no-one literally wanted to let go of one another. Everyone was hugging . . . It was pretty funny." 

The significance of being a premiership player

“It’s massive. I dreamed of this as a kid growing up. All my mates, and family back home, are so happy I’ve achieved something that I wanted to do as a kid . . . To be here, to be able to hold it (premiership cup), and know that we’re a good enough team to win a flag, is something pretty special, and something that I’ll hold for a very long time. It’s incredible . . . So proud of myself and the whole team, and what we’ve achieved together as one.”

Aims going into season 2017

“I wanted to get my body right from my syndesmosis injury last year and have a real crack this year. I wanted to find my feet in the team again and cement my spot. Early on I think I was a little bit rusty . . . I was questioning myself whether I belonged. But as the season went on, I started to find evidence within myself of what I could do. So that really made me feel a lot better about myself and held me in good stead going into the finals. I think I played 23 games, hit my first milestone of 50 games as well, and played in a flag. So this is just all evidence now for me to know that I can do it. And it’s only the start of my career . . . Hopefully I’ve still got a long way to go.”

Looking ahead to 2018

“I’m just going to soak it up now. It’ll be massive if it did happen again next year. But there’s no reason why we can’t do it again because we are good enough.” 

The Tiger Army

“The ‘prelim’ final was the first time I really experienced the roar of the Tiger Army . . . I was out there talking to Shane Edwards and all of a sudden they erupted. I couldn’t even hear what he had to say. He had to pause for a minute. And then, in the Grand Final, it was the same thing. I had my whole family over to experience it as well, and my little brother and sister were down in the guard of honour, as we ran out through the banner. After the game, they said how incredible it was when the fans just erupted. It’s massive, especially when you get the momentum going in a game and then, all of a sudden, they’re all roaring . . . Us players out on the field start to feel a little bit of something inside and it gets us going as well. So it’s pretty special what they can produce out there.”