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The VFL Report: Round 4

VFL Report: Round 4 Midfield and Development Coach, Xavier Clarke speaks to Roar Vision about the Round 4 win over Werribee.

Development and VFL midfield coach, Xavier Clarke provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Saturday’s Round 4 win against Werribee at Avalon Airport Oval. 

Sam Lloyd

24 disposals, two goals, six tackles, six clearances

“His second game in four days, he played on Tuesday night at AFL level and came back and was really dominant, especially around the midfield stoppages. It was also pleasing to see him lay six tackles, which is a feature of his game.”

Anthony Miles

22 disposals, six clearances, five tackles

“He should have brought his own saddle to the game, because he got sat on for the whole game. He got tagged fairly heavily, but he fought his way through and played a selfless role. He continues to turn up and play his best footy, which is pleasing to see.”

Connor Menadue

18 disposals, nine handball-receives, five rebound-50s

“Looked really good with the ball in hand, broke the lines. It was really pleasing to see him do that and back his skill in at the same time. Playing down at half-back with the backs down there who have been defending really well also. Getting five rebound-50s and three inside-50s shows that he can be pretty dangerous.”

Tyson Stengle

Three goals, 14 disposals, five inside-50s, three tackles

“Was very clever. He’s been playing really good footy over the past month, he had three goals and spent some time at the centre bounce in the last quarter. It was really pleasing to see him set us up in the forward line with his pressure and also his ability to get out of tackles. I don’t think he’s been tackled in the last two years, so that’s certainly a strength of his.”

Corey Ellis

13 disposals, one goal, five clearances, five tackles

“I thought Corey was still pretty good, he didn’t have a lot of the ball. He finished the game with 13 disposals, but his work-rate around the contest was a lot better. He finished with five tackles, which was a feature of his game. He also finished off with a nice, classy goal from a ruck contest.”

Patrick Naish

11 disposals and five rebound-50s

“He was a lot better this week with his defensive pressure. Played off half-back, defended really well and also looked good with ball in hand.”

Callum Moore

11 disposals, five marks, one goal, four inside-50s

“He was a bit quieter, but I thought his aerial contest was still pretty evident. He took a really nice mark coming out of defensive 50 and really helped guys like Mabior Chol and even our small forwards when he brought the ball to ground.”

Ryan Garthwaite

10 disposals, four rebound-50s, two tackles

“Solid down back for pretty much the whole game. Didn’t really get out-marked much, probably a little bit in the last quarter, but his ability to continue to be our best defender down there and control the backline as a second-year player is a really big step forward for him.”

Mabior Chol

Three goals, 10 disposals, seven hit-outs, five marks, four tackles

“Was very, very good other than missing a goal in the goal-square. He was fantastic. He looked dangerous. He looked big and strong. He took the game on, looked strong in the air, he also looked very good when the ball hit the ground. His ability to be able to go in the ruck and win centre-bounce hit-outs, he’s starting to become a really dangerous player.”

Callum Coleman-Jones

Two goals, 10 disposals, three tackles

“Was good again. He kicked two goals, aerial contest is starting to be a real feature of his game.”

Ivan Soldo

38 hit-outs, 10 disposals, two clearances, five inside-50s

“Soldo’s ruck-work was outstanding. Some of his centre-bounce taps were elite. Guys like Anthony Miles and Sam Lloyd really like Soldo getting his hands on the footy. He’s starting to become a really dominant ruckman, which is pleasing to see.”

Shai Bolton

Nine disposals and two inside-50s

“He got tagged pretty heavily, I thought he worked pretty hard though throughout the game still. He didn’t have a massive impact, especially on the scoreboard, but he still worked pretty hard up-and-down the ground and it’s something that he’ll need to work through in the coming weeks.”

Nathan Drummond

Eight disposals and four tackles

“Was fairly good. Played on the wing, didn’t have a hell of a lot of the footy, but his positioning around stoppages was good and he was good in defense.”

Noah Balta

Six disposals and four rebound-50s

“A bit quieter, but still strong in defense and developing down as a defender. He’ll continue to grow his game.”

Oleg Markov

Four disposals and two tackles

“A bit quieter, he had a quad issue early in the first quarter, tried to play it out throughout the game. Unfortunately, he didn’t see the game out. He was a bit quieter compared to his standards, but he defended really well.”

Ben Miller

Two disposals

“Was pretty solid down back, having Ryan Garthwaite and him down there, they’re really starting to build and really solid backline between them.”

Brandon Wood

27 disposals, one goal, seven clearances & five inside-50s

“Was very dominant for us in the midfield. Finished the game with 27 disposals, but I think the pleasing thing for him is his contested ball numbers, 16 contested ball, seven clearances and also finished the game with one goal. He’s in good form for us, he’s had a big pre-season, so it’s good to see him get the reward.”

Tom Silvestro

15 disposals, six tackles, one goal, four clearances, six inside-50s

“Played probably his best game for us so far. It’s only his second game back after injury, but he’s been absolutely fantastic, six tackles, he’s just a workhorse. Plays out on a wing for us and the boys love having him in the team and he’s certainly one that gets our VFL side going. It’s great seeing him back in the side.”

Blake Grewar

Three goals, 13 disposals, three tackles

“Has been fantastic for us. He had three goals on the weekend, but his ability to work around contests in the forward 50 is really evident. He’s very strong in the contest and very clever around goals, which was pleasing to see.”

Steve Morris

11 disposals and three tackles

“The captain leads from the front, defended really well and didn’t do much wrong.”

Jacob Ballard

11 disposals, one goal, three tackles

“He didn’t have a lot of the ball, but he and Blake Grewar add so much to our midfield group with their big, strong bodies. They help us out so much, both in attack and defense. He’s playing really good footy so far this season.”

Jake Aarts

10 disposals, four inside-50s, three marks

“Just provides great forward 50 pressure for us. Same as the other VFL-listed boys, he just gets us going. His pressure around the ball is elite and the boys love having him in the side.”

Reuben Hayward

Six disposals, three tackles, three rebound-50s

“Our 23rd player, played a little bit more time on the wing this week. He wasn’t too bad. His positioning was good, defends well and doesn’t do much wrong. The boys love having him in the team, because he just gives everything he’s got.”