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VFL Report: Round 5

VFL Report: Round 5 Backline and Development Coach, Ryan Ferguson speaks to Roar Vision about the Round 5 match against Footscray.
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 05:  Ryan Garthwaite of Richmond (R) competes in the air during the round five VFL match between Footscray and Richmond at Whitten Oval on May 5, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Graham Denholm/AFL Media/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Ryan Garthwaite
Ryan Garthwaite in action during last Saturday night's VFL match against Footscray

Development and VFL backline coach, Ryan Ferguson provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Saturday’s Round 5 match against Footscray.

Anthony Miles

29 disposals, one goal, seven clearances and nine inside-50s

“Anthony Miles was a clearance king and worked really hard. Not as many tackles for him, but still had seven clearances.”

Corey Ellis

25 disposals, four tackles, eight handball receives and four inside-50s

“Corey played off half-back and played a really good role down there. He gave balance to the half-backs. His critical contest work was outstanding. He won the ball in tight and fed it off to the runners.”

Liam Baker

24 disposals, six handball receives, four clearances and four tackles

“Baker’s work rate was a feature. He worked up and down the ground, and won plenty of the ball, he was hard for them (Footscray) to match-up on.”

Connor Menadue

22 disposals, 11 handball receives, six inside-50s and five marks

“Connor’s run off half-back was a feature. He broke the lines and sent the ball forward, which has been a stand-out in his game over the last few weeks.”

Callum Moore

17 disposals, five marks and five inside-50s

“Callum probably didn’t quite have the impact that he wanted aerially, but he was still dangerous around the ball and gets on a lot of loose balls, but we want to see him a bit stronger in the air.”

Brandon Ellis

16 disposals, four tackles, five marks and five rebound-50s

“Brandon came back with a great attitude. He made the players around him better and really embraced the VFL program. He played a really good game. He got tagged, but although he didn’t ‘rack ‘em up’ he had good impact.”

Patrick Naish

16 disposals and six handball receives

“Naish has been working on the defensive side of his game, and again, that was much improved. Ball in hand, he didn’t waste any disposals and he took the simple option. It was a solid game.”

Ryan Garthwaite

14 disposals, 10 spoils and four marks

“Garthwaite was outstanding. He’s in form. He had ten spoils, took chop-out marks and is leading the defence really well.”

Shai Bolton

12 disposals, two goals and four tackles

“Shai was quiet early, and played a different role up on a wing. When the whips were cracking and the game was up for grabs, he really stood-up, particularly in the last quarter.”

Noah Balta

10 disposals and five rebound-50s

“Noah’s investment in the game and his mentality was a lot sharper this week. He’s still learning, there’s still some positioning things that he’s working on. He needs to make sure he’s predictable with the ball.”

Mabior Chol

10 disposals, one goal and five tackles

“Mabior didn’t quite have the impact that he had last week. He still had patches of brilliance, but a bit more consistency which is what we’re after.”

Callum Coleman-Jones

Nine disposals and seven tackles

“It was great to see a big man laying seven tackles. We would like to see him impact more in the air.”

Tyson Stengle

Eight disposals, one goal and four tackles

“Tyson looked dangerous, as he always does, but he found it difficult to find space.”

Nathan Drummond

Seven disposals and three tackles

“Drummond was tackling and running hard early, but unfortunately he went off early with a hamstring injury.”

Ivan Soldo

26 hitouts, seven disposals and four tackles

“Soldo had a really big battle in the ruck. They (Footscray) had a couple of really good ruckmen in there and they went head-to-head, and it was a good battle.”

Ben Miller

Three disposals and one tackle

“Ben Miller didn’t last that long, he got knocked out after suffering a knock to the head, so he didn’t spend much time on the ground.”

Brandon Wood

34 disposals, seven clearances, four tackles and seven inside-50s

“Wood went head-to-head with a couple of their (Footscray’s) big clearance guys, it was a good battle. He had lots of clearances, lots of tackles, so it was game on.”

Tom Silvestro

20 disposals, two goals, six tackles and three clearances

“Tom, you talk about him being a role player, but he’s better than that. He’s a gun. He kicked some important goals.”

Jacob Ballard

18 disposals, six handball receives and two inside-50s

“Jacob had less of the ball this week but played a lot more forward. He had less impact, but he played a different role.”

Blake Grewar

14 disposals, five inside-50s and three tackles

“Blake had a solid game. He didn’t quite impact the way he did last week, but he’s important for our mix.”

Reuben Hayward

13 disposals, one goal, six handball receives and four rebound-50s

“Reuben spent a little time on the wing and also down back. He’s been awesome for us the last four weeks as the 23rd (player).”

Steve Morris

12 disposals, three tackles and three inside-50s

“As our captain, played his role up-forward, because we had a different mix this week and then went back. He really influenced the contest and shored up the defence.”

Jake Aarts

11 disposals, four marks and six tackles

“Had six tackles and a solid game without standing out.”