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VFL Report: Round 16

VFL R16: Ferguson post-match VFL backline and development coach, Ryan Ferguson, speaks to Roar Vision following the Round 16 win over Sandringham.

VFL Backline and Development coach, Ryan Ferguson provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Sunday’s Round 16 win over Sandringham at Trevor Barker Oval.

Anthony Miles

33 disposals, one goal, 12 handball receives, seven clearances and nine inside-50s

“Straight back to business for ‘Milesy’ after a couple of weeks out, outstanding as usual.”

Sam Lloyd

28 disposals, two goals, 11 handball receives, five clearances, six inside-50s and six rebound-50s

“Love his selflessness, playing team footy at the moment and in very good form.”

Patrick Naish

27 disposals, nine marks, five rebound-50s and nine handball receives

“Played well, improving every week, defensively sound and his run-and-carry created play for us.”

Shai Bolton

21 disposals, nine handball receives, four marks and two clearances

“Played back for the first time, did well and learned a lot with defensive positioning. Created a lot of rebound.”

Jacob Townsend

21 disposals, eight marks, nine tackles, three clearances and three contested marks

“Powerful game—strong marks, laid nine tackles and won plenty of the footy.”

Liam Baker

19 disposals, three goals, five marks and four score assists

“Played forward rather than mid(field) and was able to impact both defensively and on the scoreboard with three goals and a few assists.”

Corey Ellis

19 disposals, 11 handball receives, three tackles, five clearances and four inside-50s

“Came back from AFL (duties) and had a solid game playing mainly mid(field).”

Tyson Stengle

16 disposals, five tackles, four clearances and one goal

“11 contested possessions, won the ball and used it well.”

Noah Balta

14 disposals, four tackles and two goals

“Played forward, ruck, back and I think he did his best work as a backmen, but also bobbed up with two goals up forward.”

Ryan Garthwaite

Eight disposals, three tackles and two marks

“Led a miserly defence, conceding just three goals to three-quarter time.”

Oleg Markov

Seven disposals, four inside-50s and one mark

“Unfortunately, his game was done at halftime, he tried to battle on through a knee injury but that wasn’t going to happen.”

Ivan Soldo

Six disposals, 31 hit-outs, eight tackles and one goal

“A bit quiet, but plenty of hit-outs to advantage and followed up with lots of tackle pressure.”

Ben Miller

Six disposals, three marks and three tackles

“Played everywhere and provided a strong contest wherever he went.”

Tom Silvestro

19 disposals, 13 contested possessions, four tackles and two goals

“Plenty of touches and two goals up to halftime, he set the game up for us. Also provided great defence and tackle pressure.”

Joel Ernest

17 disposals, seven marks, and four inside-50s

“Well organised, helping lead our backline whenever he plays, and also able to impact on the wing which was good to see.”

Jacob Ballard

15 disposals, four tackles, four clearances, four inside-50s and one goal

“Solid performance again. Plays multiple roles - mid(field), wing, forward. He’s not getting heaps of the footy, but pressure around the ball is elite.”

Brandon Wood

15 disposals, four tackles, five clearances and one goal

“Handy in the clearances and was able to hit the scoreboard up forward also.”

Shaun Mannagh

14 disposals, six inside-50s and two clearances

“Played mainly forward, pressure was good and helped set-up a few goals. His pace and his running power is a big strength to our team.”

Steve Morris

14 disposals, five marks, two tackles and five rebound-50s

“Impressive return after injury, was assertive in the contest and ran hard to create in attack.”

Dan Coffield

14 disposals, six marks and seven rebound-50s

“A bit fumbly early, but adjusted well in tough conditions, mopped up the back-half, but also ran hard when we won the ball to complement our attacking game.”

Blake Grewar

13 disposals, three goals and three tackles

“A few smart goals and set-up a couple more with clever hands.”

Jake Aarts

12 disposals, two goals and three tackles

“Provided plenty of spark—won the ball, used it well and pressured when we didn’t have it (the ball). Great to have him back.”

Joel Cusack

Five disposals, two marks and one goal

“Contributed well in his first game, great reward for effort for the ‘big fella’.”