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The special spirit of Tigerland

McRae on VFL finals Craig McRae speaks to SEN's VFL Show ahead of Richmond's Saturday night VFL qualifying final against Williamstown.

Craig McRae is well qualified to discuss the overall benefits of the strong team-first ethos at Richmond.

As the Tigers’ VFL and development coach, he has seen plenty of evidence of how players at both levels have responded so positively to what’s been created within the Club’s four walls.

“We talk about it all the time, our culture and our connection. There’s certain times throughout the year that you just get a feeling that you’re part of something pretty special,” McRae said.

“The Reece Conca one was for me . . . I’m on the bench match-days for the AFL and when Reece got injured about eight weeks ago now, he got stretchered off and every single (Richmond) player on the ground went to him.

“It’s something that at VFL level we strive to have as well. It’s just that feeling, that sense of belonging and connection . . .

“We’ve had 47 players play VFL footy this year . . . We’ve got a lot of guys that come in and play roles for one week, two weeks, and some of them more.

“We like to think we set something up that they feel like a part of something bigger than just what normal clubs have.”

McRae will guide Richmond’s VFL side in Saturday night’s qualifying final against Williamstown at the Swinburne Centre, Punt Road Oval.