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Long to Lynch a Tiger tonic

Hartley ahead of the draft Blair Hartley provides TT's legion of loyal listeners with an interesting insight into Richmond's recruitment of star key forward Tom Lynch, the departure of players to rival league clubs, the re-signing of several Tigers, and an overview of the Club's list management strategy.

Prized Richmond recruit Tom Lynch’s ability to provide his new teammates with another target for long, down-the-line kicks shapes as pivotal to the Tigers overcoming what’s proven to be a slight deficiency for them.

Reigning Jack Dyer Medallist Jack Riewoldt has basically been the sole marking option inside Richmond’s forward-50, and he’s done it extremely well.

But West Coast’s triumph in this year’s Grand Final, with key forwards Josh Kennedy and Jack Darling showcasing their aerial strength, has underlined the importance of having multiple marking targets in attack.

So, given the fact Lynch is one of the best marks in the competition, the Tigers are now well placed to capitalise in this area.

“The long, down-the-line kick is something we’ve spoken about a lot, more specifically in the away losses last season and some of the losses we’ve had over the previous years,” Richmond list manager Blair Hartley said on the special off-season edition of ‘Talking Tigers’.

“There’s other things that come into it, but when you’re looking at bringing in a ‘tall’, there’s no point just bringing in one for the sake of it that isn’t talented enough, that isn’t going to add to the group.

“You bring in Tom . . . he’s a high-calibre player, he’s going to add to us and add a different dimension to our forward mix, while still keeping those ‘smalls’ at his feet.

“I know the guys like (Daniel) Rioli, (Jack) Higgins, (Dan) Butler and (Jason) Castagna, they’re still pretty excited and I think there’s going to be some decent crumbs there.”