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VFL Tigers benefit from pre-season camp

McRae on VFL pre-season Richmond VFL Coach, Craig McRae speaks to Roar Vision about how the team is shaping up for the 2019 season.

The VFL Tigers continue to lay the foundations for the season ahead, after spending the weekend at Safety Beach for their annual pre-season camp.   

The boys enjoyed a number of activities that tested their leadership and teamwork, and faced a taxing training session in the heat at Seaford football ground.

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At the conclusion of the camp, the Tigers voted on the leadership group who will join newly re-elected captain Steve Morris in 2019.

Richmond’s VFL coach Craig McRae said he was pleased that much-loved Morris will remain as captain. 

“He’s such a great leader for us but also he’s got that connection with the AFL guys which is really important,” McRae said.

“It’s a great appointment for us and we’re really proud of who he is, he brings so much energy to our group.”

After an unexpectant finals exit in 2018, the VFL Tigers are unwavering in their preparations for 2019.

“It’s a pretty exciting place to be, Richmond, at the moment,” McRae said.

“Last year both levels didn’t get the end right, but the bulk of the season was exciting.

“A lot of fans are back on board, I think you’ll see a lot of Richmond at both levels…hopefully we’ll play like the AFL team does.”

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The yearly camp forms an integral part of the side’s pre-season, allowing recruits to get to know their new teammates as well as build on the Club's key value of connectedness.

“We like to drive (connection) at this level and with so much constant change down at VFL level it’s really important that we have that connection as one of our key pillars,” McRae said. 

“(This weekend was) another opportunity to get to know each other at a deeper level and also have some fun at the same time, which hopefully will drive us at the tough times throughout the season.”

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Bullish about the talented youth who have come into the side, McRae forecasted newcomer Lachie Street as one to watch in 2019.

“He’s got a lot of talent…he’s got a lot of resilience in the way he goes about things,” he said.