Richmond has called on the mighty Tiger Army to fight with the Club for a strong and bold future.

The Club has released a new campaign rallying Richmond members and supporters to Fight and Fight and Win alongside the Club, as we all navigate through this challenging COVID-19 crisis.

Fight and Fight and Win, inspired by Richmond’s famous Club song, captures the tough Tiger spirit, and gritty determination of the Club, its players, members and supporters, reminding everyone that together, we’ll get through this.

Fight and Fight and Win is brought to life by a video piece, narrated by star Richmond midfielder, Dustin Martin, and features fighting moments to remind the Tiger Army of some of the key Richmond highlights etched in all of our memories.

Richmond CEO, Brendon Gale, shared his appreciation of Club members’ continued support.

“We can never question the unwavering passion and loyalty of the Tiger Army, and now more than ever, we find ourselves in a time where we really need their continued support,” he said.

“As a Club, we’ve been through adversity in the past, and together, with our members’ support, we’ve found a way through, and we’ll do it again.

“The current situation is difficult, as a Club we’re fighting to create a strong, bold and winning future. We understand its tough for everyone right now, but we want the Tiger Army to know that we’ll fight together, and win together.”

FIGHT AND WIN Join or renew with the Tiger Army, or contact our membership team if your circumstances have changed.