Matthew Richardson gives Tiger fans an update on his AFL Fantasy teams and Superboot selections after Round 12.

AFL Fantasy

It was a bit of a low-scoring round across Fantasy this week – my score of 2024 jumped me up almost 8,000 places in the weekly rankings, compared to an almost identical score last week. So I’m not being too hard on myself for not hitting 2100.

A lot of players under-delivered on Fantasy points – to name a few, Jobe Watson had 95, Dayne Beams had 76, Patrick Dangerfield had 66, and even Tom Rockliff (who was becoming my favourite Fantasy player) had a ‘low’ week by his standard, with 102. It’s typical that this would happen to me as soon as I make him captain. Meanwhile, Gary Ablett, who I dumped as skipper, picked up 146 points!

Asif has kept his spot on top, with his team “Nonproductive” still in the lead with 2031 points for the round. That’s only 6 points more than me! Good to see I can match it with the big guns, even if just for one round. Karl N is still nipping at his heels, with his team “YesYesYes” in second place by about 200 points overall. Keep fighting fellas.

Good luck for next round.

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I went with Jay Schulz again this week for Superboot, which netted me three goals. Not bad – I have moved up four places in the rankings, to 82.

The leading ‘boot’ this week was Jarryd Roughead against the Eagles, with a whopping eight goals. There were seven players behind him on four goals, including Richmond’s Dustin Martin, so there was plenty of opportunity for Superbooters to score big this week.

S Springer has the hold on the rest of us, four goals clear from L Dimattina on 68. I think the only way the leaderboard will change anytime soon is going to be a good old-fashioned choke by Springer and a massive fluke by ‘Dimma’. Springer has been leading the way for a while, so I don’t see that happening! 

The good news for Dimma and the rest of us is that no matter how far behind in the overall rankings we are, there’s still June prizes to be won! So sign up to Superboot and join in the race.