The team at Richmond’s podcast juggernaut, ‘Talking Tigers’, have ranked the Club’s top five players recruited from the Lions (both Fitzroy and Brisbane) throughout the past half-century. Here is TT’s list of the top five Lions-turned-Tigers . . .

1. Paul Broderick: 169 games, 90 goals, 1994-2001, Jack Dyer Medallist 1996.

2. Michael Gale: 91 games, 20 goals, 1994-1998.

3. Rory Hilton: 82 games, 53 goals, 1999-2005.

4. Peter Francis: 52 games, 22 goals, 1984-1986.

5. Trent Knobel: 21 games, 4 goals, 2005-2007.

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