Dustin Martin has kicked many brilliant goals throughout his magnificent 11-year, 237-game AFL career with Richmond, but for sheer degree of difficulty, there’s been none better than the incredible one he steered through against West Coast at Metricon Stadium last Thursday night.

During the second quarter, with the Tigers leading by six points and surging forward, Martin was closest to the ball that had been kicked out of bounds on the full by Eagle Jarrod Brander.

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Round 14: Dusty bender sends everyone berserk

Dustin Martin conjures an outrageous banana on the boundary to light up the stadium

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Tucked tightly up on the boundary line in the forward pocket, with no daylight to see between the big sticks, it was going to take something super special, even for a player of Dusty’s exceptional ability, to register six points.

Dusty, however, dug deep into his bag of magic tricks to conjure up a miraculous goal.

Here’s how colourful Channel Seven commentator Brian Taylor called it . . .

“So here he is . . . Does he run around on the left? Does he go the right-foot banana? He’s ruled out the drop punt, I can tell you that. He’s not that conservative. Little right-foot banana. He’s got it bending. Gee, look at the sharpness of that bend! Have you ever seen something bend at right angles like that! Look at that, look at the traction of the ball!”

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Round 14: A closer look at Dusty

The Fox Footy panel analyse Dustin Martin's game against the Eagles.

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