You can’t keep these two apart.

After one season playing for opposing sides in the AFLW, Sarah and Jess Hosking will be reunited in 2022, this time in the Yellow and Black.

Following an eleventh-hour trade last Wednesday on the final day of the AFLW Sign and Trade Period, former Blue Jess officially became a Tiger, one year after Sarah crossed over to the Club.

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New recruit Jess Hosking

Jess Hosking joins Tigerland to play alongside her twin sister, Sarah.

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The 25-year-old identical twins, who spent the first four AFLW seasons together at Carlton, said it was incredibly special to join forces once again. 

"I don’t think I realised I was the dependent one," Jess joked.

"I’m very excited to play with (Sarah). It’s something that I don’t think I realised how special it was until it was taken away and it was our first time not playing together.

"Knowing that I would (also) be able to come into a new environment and have the support of the Tiger fans and everyone around, I’m really excited."

Twin sister Sarah was equally thrilled to have the band back together again. 

"It’s not often you can say you get to play with your sibling and twin sister once, let alone twice, so I’m stoked to have (Jess) here," she said.

"We’re looking forward to playing together again."

Jess confirmed the reunion did not mark the end of their iconic prank war, which started earlier this year in lockdown ahead of their first face-off on the field. 

"Not a chance. I am still yet to get Sar back from her last one with my eyebrows, so I have a few things in store and will make sure it stays around because it’s too funny not to," she said.

Jess arrives at Tigerland with 30 AFLW games of experience to her name. The tenacious tackler played a key role in Carlton’s backline but has the capacity to play multiple roles.

"I’m hoping that I can bring on-field and off-field (experience) to this group, and find ways to unite the group and then bring that out on the field," she said.

"I’ve managed to put a few bows to my string and can play in different positions, so hopefully they can see my playing wherever they need an extra player."

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AFLW trade wrap-up

Head of women's football, Kate Sheahan reviews the AFLW trade period.

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After receiving a warm welcome from her new teammates, Jess cannot wait to begin preparations for the upcoming season.

"We were lucky enough to get in as a group and have a training session, so I’m feeling privileged to be able to do that and to see everyone and have a talk and a feed afterwards," she said.

"It was nice, everyone’s really welcoming and I’m looking forward to the relationships that we can build."