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2019 VFL Playing List

51. Steven Morris

Height: 185cm
Weight: 83kg
D.O.B.: 31-Dec-88
Prevous Clubs: Richmond AFL/West Adelaide
Local Club: St Bernards

Quick snippet: An incredible leader and an extremely valuable person to have driving the standards of our program on and off the field. Look for him to be leading from the front week in week out during the 2019 season.

52. Shaun Mannagh

Weight: 78kg
D.O.B.: 06-Aug-97
Prevous Clubs: Murray Bushrangers/North Albury
Local Club: North Albury

Quick snippet: A talented player who always looks like he’s growing. He is a great trainer and is learning the craft of a small forward. We are looking for him to make a natural progression as a young player.

53. Hugh Beasley

Height: 193cm
Weight: 92kg
D.O.B.: 12-Nov-95
Prevous Clubs: Brisbane Lions/Oakleigh Chargers
Local Club: Old Trinity

Quick snippet: Hugh suffered a severe knee injury last pre-season and missed the majority of 2018. He has now completed a full pre-season and we are looking for him to showcase his leadership skills and have a real impact as a strong bodied key defender this year.

54. Jacob Ballard

Height: 189cm
Weight: 94kg
D.O.B.: 26-Feb-94
Prevous Clubs: Fremantle/Northern Blues (VFL)
Local Club: Blackburn

Quick snippet: A key member of the team week in week out, Jacob has developed versatility to play in the midfield, forward and back. Look for him to play mostly as a midfielder, and be a real leader of the program throughout the year.

55. Lachlan Street

Height: 191cm
Weight: 87kg
D.O.B.: 25-Jun-98
Prevous Clubs: Frankston YCW
Local Club: Frankston YCW

Quick snippet: An exciting young prospect recruited from Frankston YCW. Lachlan has the flexibility to play key roles as a forward and back, but we are looking for him to develop as a tall midfielder. He has good decision-making skills and is a big, strong body who loves the contested side of the game.

56. Blake Grewar 


Height: 181cm
Weight: 82kg
D.O.B.: 16-Feb-93
Prevous Clubs: Brisbane Lions/Redland
Local Club: St Albans

Quick snippet: Blake played in the Northern Territory over the off-season to keep his fitness up and looks ready to produce his best this season. He will play as an inside midfielder/forward and has great football smarts, a good kick and is a great tackler.

57. Nathan Oakes

Height: 183cm
Weight: 89kg
D.O.B.: 27-Aug-99
Prevous Clubs: Canberra Demons/Murray Bushrangers 
Local Club: Noble Park

Quick snippet: A Murray Bushrangers graduate that has joined us from the Canberra Demons. Nathan is a big, strong-bodied midfielder who can also go forward. He is a great left foot kick and is eligible as a 23rd player.

58. Chad Harris

Height: 180cm
Weight: 74kg
D.O.B.: 02-Aug-98
Prevous Clubs: Sorrento
Local Club: Sorrento

Quick snippet: A young half-back flanker recruiting from Sorrento, Chad is quick, tough and likes to take the game on with his running power. We are looking for him to make an impact this season.

59. Lachie Haysman

Height: 175cm
Weight: 71kg
D.O.B.: 12-Nov-98
Prevous Clubs: University Black
Local Club: University Blacks/St Peters College (SA)

Quick snippet: Originally from South Australia, Lachie joins us from University Blacks. He is a skilful outside midfielder who can also play half-forward or half-back. He covers the ground well and can play as the 23rd player this year.

60. Charlie Thompson

Height: 183cm
Weight: 79kg
D.O.B.: 15-Mar-99
Prevous Clubs: Oakleigh Chargers/Old Carey
Local Club: Wangaratta Rovers

Quick snippet: Charlie had some terrific games last year as a 23rd player and hopefully will have more opportunities this year. He will be trying a new position as a forward, rather than an inside midfielder. He’s a terrific trainer, look for him to improve again this year. 

61. James Fletcher

Height: 181cm
Weight: 82kg
D.O.B.: 06-Oct-95
Prevous Clubs: Penisula OB
Local Club: Red Hill

Quick snippet: A member of our leadership group, James is a terrific trainer and a driver of our standards who has led from the front during the pre-season. He is a classy left-footer and has the flexibility to play in the midfield or across half-back. 

62. Luke Nelson 

Height: 174cm
Weight: 69kg
D.O.B.: 30-Jul-97
Prevous Clubs: Noble Park
Local Club: Noble Park/Berwick

Quick snippet: Recruited from Noble Park, Luke is a smaller forward who kicked four of our eight goals in a VFL practice match against Essendon earlier this year. He looks exciting as an opportunist around the goals and we are looking forward to him developing his game in our system.

64. Thomas Silvestro 

Height: 178cm
Weight: 80kg
D.O.B.: 06-Jul-95
Prevous Clubs: Oakleigh Chargers/Caulfield/Univeristy Blues
Local Club: Univeristy Blues

Quick snippet: A terrific leader who leads by actions and hasn’t missed a beat throughout the preseason. Tom, a member of our leadership group, is a great teammate and loved by both AFL and VFL listed players for his workrate and team-first attitude.

65. Joel Cusack

Height: 197cm
Weight: 97kg
D.O.B.: 21-Mar-98
Prevous Clubs: Beaumaris/St Bedes Mentone
Local Club: Noble Park

Quick snippet: A young key position player who had an impact last year as a 23rd player. Joel's strength work in the gym has improved significantly and this will help his contested marking this season. We are hoping he will continue to develop and improve in our program.

67. Brenton Credlin

Height: 190cm
Weight: 88kg
D.O.B.: 04-Dec-94
Prevous Clubs: Frankston YCW
Local Club: Frankston YCW

Quick snippet: Brenton has been exceptional throughout the pre-season and really grown as a leader, which was rewarded by selection into the leadership group. He plays predominantly down back but is also handy on the wing.

68. Connor Riley

Height: 183cm
Weight: 79kg
D.O.B.: 18-Jun-97
Prevous Clubs: Sandringham (VFL)/St Bernards
Local Club: St Bernards

Quick snippet: A professional trainer and good character to have around the program. Connor played four games last year and has the flexibility to play as a rebounding defender and also a winger.

69. Lewis Diggins

Height: 176cm
Weight: 88kg
D.O.B.: 01-Sep-99
Prevous Clubs: Beaumaris
Local Club: Beaumaris

Quick snippet: Lewis won Beaumaris’ best-and-fairest last year (VAFA Premier B Division). He was on our development list in 2018, where he gained experience in what it takes to play at this level. He is eligible as a 23rd player and will play as a rebounding defender or inside midfielder.

71. Nick Baltas

Height:  183cm
Weight: 75kg
D.O.B.:  16-Aug-98
Previous Clubs:  Caulfield Grammarians
Local Club: Caulfield Grammarians

Quick snippet: Nick was upgraded to our senior list last year but faced some injuries. Eligible as a 23rd player, he is a lively forward who has showed he’s capable of doing exciting things. 

72. Bailey Lambert

Height: 183cm
Weight: 86kg
D.O.B.: 07-May-99
Prevous Clubs: Redland/Morningside
Local Club: Noble Park

Quick snippet: Bailey got a taste of VFL football last year and performed very strongly. Still eligible as a 23rd player, he has worked hard on his endurance and is a big, strong-bodied midfielder who loves the contested side of the game.

73. Joel Ernest

Height: 179cm
Weight: 79kg
D.O.B.: 02-Aug-95
Prevous Clubs: University Blacks
Local Club: University Blacks

Quick snippet: Joel played some great games with us last year as a rebounding/negating defender in the semi-final. He has great speed and athleticism but also has the flexibility to go forward and hit the scoreboard.

74. Reuben Hayward 

Height: 184cm
Weight: 81kg
D.O.B.: 14-May-98
Prevous Clubs: Sandringham (VFL)/Ormond
Local Club: De La Salle

Quick snippet: Reuben played some promising games with us last year. He can play as a rebounding defender and also on the wing. He is a smooth mover who makes good decisions with ball in hand.

75. Hayden Bruce

Height: 180cm
Weight: 80kg
D.O.B.: 18-Apr-98
Prevous Clubs: Phillip Island
Local Club: Phillip Island/Beaumaris

Quick snippet: Hayden suffered a severe ankle injury last year which saw him miss a large portion of the season. He has shown promising signs this pre-season, however, and we are looking forward to seeing him continually develop.

78. Daniel Coffield

Height: 186cm
Weight: 85kg
D.O.B.: 23-Mar-96
Prevous Clubs: Eltham
Local Club: Eltham

Quick snippet: Daniel was limited early last year with knee issues, but he has produced a promising pre-season. He usually plays in defence, but may play some time higher up the ground this season.

79. Billy Coates

Height: 192cm
Weight: 95kg
D.O.B.: 23-Aug-93
Prevous Clubs: St Kevins
Local Club: St Kevins

Quick snippet: A great character and person to have around the program, Billy provides great depth to our key position stocks, with his ability to play as both a key forward and key back.

2019 Development List

63. Angus Hicks

Height: 170cm
Weight: 72km
D.O.B.: 28-Jul-99
Prevous Clubs: Shepparton United
Local Club: Shepparton United

Quick snippet: A great character to have involved in the program, Angus unfortunately suffered a serious ankle injury in our first pre-season game. He is set to miss the majority of the 2019 season after a promising pre-season, but we look forward to his return.

66. Bailey Henderson

Height: 189cm
Weight: 84kg
D.O.B.: 20-Oct-99
Prevous Clubs: Strathfieldsaye
Local Club: Strathfieldsaye

Quick snippet: A Bendigo Pioneer graduate, Bailey has entered 2019 coming off a shoulder reconstruction and is starting to build into full training. He's an exciting prospect with good speed and running power, who can play wing or half-back.

70. Alistair Richards

Height: 187cm
Weight: 78kg
D.O.B.: 09-May-00
Prevous Clubs: St Kevins
Local Club: St Kevins

Quick snippet: A Sandringham Dragons graduate, Alistair is a great athlete with handy running power. With excellent run and carry abilities, he's set to develop as a wingman/half-back in our system.

76. Finlay Bayne

Height: 179cm
Weight: 73kg
D.O.B.: 06-Sep-99
Prevous Clubs: Mt Eliza
Local Club: Mt Eliza

Quick snippet: A Dandenong Stingrays graduate, Fin will be looking to bounce back after an interrupted pre-season with a few injuries. He is small forward who has a high football IQ and is very smart around the goals.

80. Michael Caven

Height: 184cm
Weight: 81kg
D.O.B.: 02-Oct-96
Prevous Clubs: St Bernards
Local Club: St Bernards

Quick snippet: Recruited from St Bernards in the VAFA, Michael is an explosive medium sized forward who could develop into a really nice player and use his speed as a major weapon.