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2018 VFL Playing List

51. Steven Morris

Height: 185cm
Weight: 83kg
D.O.B.: 31-Dec-88
Prevous Clubs: Richmond AFL/West Adelaide
Local Club: St Bernards

Quick snippet: An exceptional leader and tough defender who has spent the past six years on our AFL list. Steve will captain the side in 2018 and is also a development coach in the VFL program.

52. Shaun Mannagh

Height: 182cm
Weight: 76kg
D.O.B.: 06-Aug-97
Prevous Clubs: Murray Bushrangers/North Albury
Local Club: North Albury

Quick snippet: Originally recruited from the Murray Bushrangers, Shaun is an inside and outside midfielder who can go forward and kick goals. He’s had a terrific pre-season and is looking to take his game to a new level in 2018.

53. Hugh Beasley

Height: 193cm
Weight: 92kg
D.O.B.: 12-Nov-95
Prevous Clubs: Brisbane Lions/Oakleigh Chargers
Local Club: Old Trinity

Quick snippet: A key defender who is rarely beaten in one-on-one contests and great defensive skills to negate his opponent. Hugh had a terrific 2017 season after being recruited from the Brisbane Lions and is a part of our leadership group. 

54. Jacob Ballard

Height: 189cm
Weight: 94kg
D.O.B.: 26-Feb-94
Prevous Clubs: Fremantle/ Northern Blues (VFL)
Local Club: Blackburn

Quick snippet: Jacob is an inside midfielder who has been a great servant in the program since been recruited from Fremantle. He has a great work rate and has become a staple in our midfield. Also a member of our leadership group.

55. Ryan Bathie

Height: 193cm
Weight: 97kg
D.O.B.: 15-Apr-87
Prevous Clubs: Geelong/Keilor
Local Club: Blackburn

Quick snippet: Ryan has been involved in our VFL program since its inception after being recruited from Geelong. A key forward who is very smart, agile and can be a dangerous option inside forward 50.

56. Blake Grewar

Height: 183cm
Weight: 83kg
D.O.B.: 16-Feb-93
Prevous Clubs: Brisbane Lions/Redland
Local Club: St Albans

Quick snippet: His first year in the program after being recruited from the Brisbane Lions. Blake is a tough midfielder who has a great appetite for the contest and his skilful with ball in band.

57. Brandon Wood

Height: 186cm
Weight: 91kg
D.O.B.: 28-May-93
Prevous Clubs: Box Hill (VFL)/ Frankston (VFL)
Local Club: Balwyn

Quick snippet: Originally recruited from Frankston VFL, Brandon is a strong bodied inside midfielder who is a clearance specialist. He has the offensive weapons to be dangerous with ball in hand and go forward and hit the scoreboard.

58. Jake Aarts

Height: 180cm
Weight: 76kg
D.O.B.: 08-Dec-94
Prevous Clubs: Bendigo (VFL)/Beaconsfield
Local Club: Noble Park

Quick snippet: Jake has become a key component of our forward line. He sets the standard with his forward half pressure and is smart small forward who can hit the scoreboard. Also a member of our leadership group.

59. Harry Tanner

Height: 184cm
Weight: 80kg
D.O.B.: 05-Mar-97
Prevous Clubs: Murray Bushrangers/West Coburg/Albury
Local Club: Altona

Quick snippet: A young player in his second year with the program. Harry is a small forward who has excellent speed and skill to be dangerous inside forward 50.

60. Charlie Thompson

Height: 183cm
Weight: 80kg
D.O.B.: 15-Mar-99
Prevous Clubs: Oakleigh Chargers/Old Carey
Local Club: Old Carey

Quick snippet: An exciting young prospect recruited from Oakleigh Chargers. Charlie is an inside midfielder who can go forward and kick goals. He’s had a great preseason and has an excellent attitude. 

61. James Fletcher

Height: 184cm
Weight: 80kg
D.O.B.: 06-Oct-95
Prevous Clubs: Penisula OB
Local Club: Penisula OB

Quick snippet: A skilful left footer who will play half-back and as an outside midfielder. He has a great tank and adds some outside run and versatility to our team.

62. Max O'Sullivan

Height: 175cm
Weight: 73kg
D.O.B.: 25-Feb-97
Prevous Clubs: Kyneton
Local Club: Kyneton

Quick snippet: A quick small forward who provides excellent pressure and is dangerous around goals. Max is also developing his game to spend more time in the midfield. 

64. Thomas Silvestro

Height: 180cm
Weight: 77kg
D.O.B.: 06-Jul-95
Prevous Clubs: Oakleigh Chargers/Caulfield/Univeristy Blues
Local Club: Univeristy Blues

Quick snippet: An outside midfielder with an outstanding workrate and team first attitude. Originally recruited from University Blues, Tom has become a key member of the program and is part of the leadership group.

65. Joel Cusack

Height: 196cm
Weight: 94kg
D.O.B.: 21-Mar-98
Prevous Clubs: Beaumaris/St Bedes Mentone
Local Club: Beaumaris

Quick snippet: A young developing key forward from Beaumaris who improved dramatically throughout the pre-season. He has a good pair of hands and can hit the scoreboard. 

66. Harry Conway

Height: 192cm
Weight: 85kg
D.O.B.: 15-May-96
Prevous Clubs: Bendigo Pioneers/Strathfieldsaye/Sandhurst
Local Club: Doncaster

Quick snippet: A versatile young player who can play down back, wing and also forward. He has some great athleticism for his size and is a very good mark over head.

67. Brenton Credlin

Height: 194cm
Weight: 89kg
D.O.B.: 04-Dec-94
Prevous Clubs: Frankston YCW
Local Club: Frankston YCW

Quick snippet: An athletic defender who can also play as an outside midfielder. Super fit and can fill a variety of roles for the team.

68. Connor Riley

Height: 184cm
Weight: 81kg
D.O.B.: 18-Jun-97
Prevous Clubs: Sandringham (VFL)/ St Bernards
Local Club: St Bernards

Quick snippet: His first year in the program, Connor is a great athlete who has shown great professionalism since crossing from Sandringham. He has the flexibility to play outside mid and also down back.

69. Chris Grigoriadis

Height: 187cm
Weight: 86kg
D.O.B.: 28-Jan-98
Prevous Clubs: Beaumaris
Local Club: Beaumaris

Quick snippet: Another player recruited from Beaumaris, Chris is a big bodied inside midfielder. He has shown some encouraging signs this year with his contested work for a young player.

70. Danko Bzenic

Height: 186cm
Weight: 82kg
D.O.B.: 27-Mar-95
Prevous Clubs: Coburg (VFL)/West Coburg
Local Club: Montmerency

Quick snippet: A quick medium sized forward who has great footy smarts and is dangerous inside 50. He can hit the scoreboard and generate a lot of excitement for his teammates. 

72. Bailey Lambert

Height: 183cm
Weight: 84kg
D.O.B.: 07-May-99
Prevous Clubs: Redland/Morningside
Local Club: Noble Park

Quick snippet: Recruited from Redland in Queensland, the son of former Richmond and Brisbane player Craig Lambert. A strong bodied insider mid who has a great appetite to win the contested footy.

73. Joel Ernest

Height: 180cm
Weight: 80kg
D.O.B.: 02-Aug-95
Prevous Clubs: University Blacks
Local Club: University Blacks

Quick snippet: A great athlete who is very quick and has great agility. Joel will play down back but can also swing forward and hit the scoreboard.

74. Reuben Hayward

Height: 184cm
Weight: 77kg
D.O.B.: 14-May-98
Prevous Clubs: Sandringham VFL/Ormond
Local Club: De La Selle

Quick snippet: His first year in the program after spending last year at Sandringham. Reuben plays as a rebounding defender or an outside midfielder. He reads the game well and makes good decisions with ball in hand.

78. Daniel Coffield

Height: 186cm
Weight: 85kg
D.O.B.: 23-Mar-96
Prevous Clubs: Eltham
Local Club: Eltham

Quick snippet: An extremely reliable player for us who had a great year in 2017. An intercept marking defender who can provide some great rebound in the back half.

79. Billy Coates

Height: 192cm
Weight: 97kg
D.O.B.: 23-Aug-93
Prevous Clubs: St Kevins
Local Club: St Kevins

Quick snippet: A really honest key defender who makes it hard for his opponent. He is strong in the contest and is a real competitor.

2018 Development List

63. Angus Hicks

Height:  172cm
Weight: 72kg
D.O.B.:  28.07.1999
Previous Clubs:  Murray Bushrangers/Shepparton United
Local Club: Old Melburnians 

Quick snippet: Recruited from the Murray Bushrangers, Angus is a small forward with great skills and footy smarts. Angus is part of our development squad for 2018.

71. Nick Baltas

Height:  183cm
Weight: 78kg
D.O.B.:  16.08.1998
Previous Clubs:  Caulfield Grammarians
Local Club: Caulfield Grammarians

Quick snippet: His first year in the program since joining us from Caulfield Grammarians. Nick is a skilful forward who is very smart, makes good decisions and can hit the scoreboard.

75. Hayden Bruce

Height:  180cm
Weight: 80kg
D.O.B.:  18.04.1998
Previous Clubs:  Beaumaris
Local Club: Beaumaris

Quick snippet: A young midfielder who has joined us from Beaumaris. Unfortunately he has suffered a severe long-term injury while surfing in the pre-season and is unlikely to play much football in 2018.

77. Caleb Sheahan

Height:  185cm
Weight: 79kg
D.O.B.:  10.02.1999
Previous Clubs:  Bendigo Pioneers/Geelong Grammar/Strathfieldsaye
Local Club: Old Melburnians 

Quick snippet: Recruited from the Bendigo Pioneers and Geelong Grammar, Caleb is an outside midfielder who also plays forward. 

80. Luke Di Lizio

Height:  189cm
Weight: 85kg
D.O.B.:  5.11.19998
Previous Clubs:  St Bernards 
Local Club: St Bernards 

Quick snippet: His first year in the program after being recruited from St Bernards. Luke has got some great athletic traits and will spend some time developing his craft down back but can also play in the midfield.

81. Louis Diggins

Height:  179cm 
Weight: 86kg
D.O.B.:  01.09.1999
Previous Clubs:  Beaumaris
Local Club: Beaumaris

Quick snippet: A young midfielder who has also joined us from Beaumaris. A strong bodied player with good speed and strength around the contest.