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Gale looking forward

Gale on SEN Brendon Gale speaks to SEN Breakfast about Richmond's Premiership year and looking ahead to the 2018 season.

Richmond CEO Brendon Gale has revealed just how small the window of celebrations was for him following the Club’s 2017 premiership.

Gale told ‘SEN’ that as proud as he is with what the Tigers achieved this year, the nature of the AFL industry meant it was imperative to get back to business relatively soon after the tremendous triumph.

“The cycles of footy, particularly post-season, move on pretty quickly,” Gale said.

“There’s a range of different set pieces that almost serve as lines in the sand. So there’s been a few of those.

“Clearly we had a week or two, where we could just reflect on the magnitude of what had been achieved by everyone.

“It was fantastic and there was so much good will. You can’t avoid getting caught up with it.

“But there’s the whole list-management piece that happens, then there’s the whole end-of-season financial reporting and audit, and the budget for next year.

“Those sorts of things are like timelines in your head . . .

“Then there’s the draft. And the draft, a couple of weeks ago, is very much, from a footy point of view, closing the book on ’17.

“So in my head I’ve moved on.

“The premiership’s in the past. I never tire of hearing of the joy and euphoria of our fans, but I’ve definitely moved on.”

Gale has his sights set firmly on Richmond’s 2018 campaign, and building an era of sustained success at Tigerland, to prove that winning the 2017 flag was not a flash-in-the-pan performance.

“The thing that really motivates me is that we won . . . But I do detect a sense of surprise, or that this was done and maybe it was a bolt from the blue,” Gale said.

“I’m really looking forward to rolling up the sleeves and almost franking what we’ve done in ’17.

“Obviously, there are no guarantees, but I’m really motivated by the challenge of another campaign and backing up.”

Gale also was glowing in his praise of Richmond coach Damien Hardwick, who guided the Tigers to their drought-breaking premiership.

“I think he’s been extraordinary,” Gale said.

“When he came back to work in January ’17, he changed significantly.

“He’s maintained that evenness and openness throughout the year.

“He’s having a break with the family now . . . he’ll come back in January. Assistant coaches have got carriage of the team, which won’t be a problem.

“He’s a very driven man and he’s experienced . . . he’s been at a few successful environments and campaigns, and we’re looking forward to him leading us again.”