Who is your all-time favourite footballer or athlete?

Nick Riewoldt. Me and (twin sister) Sarah were Saints supporters, so we used to pretend to be Nick Riewoldt and Lenny Hayes in the backyard. We used to fight over who would be Nick, and if one of us couldn't do it after going for goal, we'd swap.

Who is the worst teammate on social media?

I would have to say Mon Conti. She loves herself. Nah, she's got a lot of content and I think she's worried about the numbers. She has to check all the numbers and check how many new followers she has.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a Postcards host, because I thought they did some really cool stuff. They got to try bungee jumping and all of that, and that's all I wanted to do.

Who is your toughest opponent?

I played on Stevie-Lee (Thompson) and Danielle Ponter at points during that (2019) Grand Final. I made the highlights reel for not being able to chase them down. That sticks out in my memory, and it's a bad highlight.

Which Olympic sport would you love to compete in?

Funnily enough, I used to do javelin and shotput, and I was a 1500m and 800m runner, until I realised I could just do javelin and shotput. You can go there for your quick event, and it doesn't matter what you eat or do, and you can just relax. But if we're going rogue, I would also say I'd like to do diving, because I reckon I would pull up some pretty horrific stacks, and it'd be funny.

Which teammate is most likely to go on and coach?

Not Mads Brac(atisano), she stands there with the high school kids and orders UberEats. I would say Katie (Brennan), because she's very serious and very knowledgeable.

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Leadership team announced

AFLW Senior coach, Ryan Ferguson announces the new women's leadership group for the 2022 season.

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Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

"Sare" sleeps in her jumper the night before. But I used to have a little horseshoe charm that I'd tie to the strap of my sports bra. I then started to wear the same sports bra every week for each season.

What was the first concert you attended?

Justin Bieber was one of them, me and Sare were front-row seats at one. But prior to that, it was actually The Eagles. I was very young, but we've grown up with The Eagles in our household, and I'm very grateful because they make incredible music.

What is the non-football accomplishment of which you're most proud?

This is on par with making the Grand Final. I love food, and I did a parma challenge down at Carrum, 1.2kg of chicken parma and 500g of chips, and I did it in under 20 minutes and got my name on the leaderboard. It stayed down, I had dessert after, which was a bad choice. It was like I was giving birth that night.

Would you prefer to take Mark or Goal of the Year?

I think Mark of the Year. I've only kicked one goal in AFLW, and I think if you're speckying someone you can make it look spectacular. Goal of the Year, they're show-ponies anyway, most of them are forwards.