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Neville Crowe’s Legacy

A gift for the Future, enhancing and transforming lives


“Neville Crowe’s Legacy” has been created, in recognition of his dedication. It will support the Richmond Football Club and provide a way in which wonderful life-long supporters can make an everlasting contribution to the Richmond Football Club.

Renamed at a re-launch on Tuesday 30th July 2019 in honour of Neville’s unwavering commitment to the Richmond Football Club, ‘Neville Crowe’s Legacy’ is for those supporters who wish to make a gift in their Will as an extension of a lifetime of support for the Richmond Football Club.

Bequests are growing significantly as a way in which supporters are creating their own Legacy. For those choosing to make a gift in their Will, it is a commitment for the Future. It is a decision which, if made today, does NOT impact on your bank account tomorrow.

Supporters may choose to bequest a percentage of their estate or the residual, ensuring that no beneficiary is disadvantaged if the estates value changes over time.

Richmond Football Club have partnered with Gathered Here, an Australian online Will provider, to offer our members access to a free online Will, with unlimited updates for life.


The future of Richmond Football Club is not just about on-field success. It is about creating a Club that is financially strong for players and future generations of supporters.

Our off-field programs support many communities. We are champions of inclusion, diversity and developing people to achieve their goals. Your Club is providing a positive environment that is shaping and supporting the lives and futures of so many.

Neville Crowe’s Legacy is our way to acknowledge and say thank you to those of our friends who are generous enough to support Richmond Football Club through a bequest in their Will during their lifetime.

Download a copy of the Neville Crowe Legacy Brochure for more information:

Our thanks to you

Neville Crowe’s Legacy members will share a unique bond. Not only will your contribution bring a positive impact to the Richmond Football Club’s ongoing success, but it also provides opportunities to come together with other like-minded members in a welcoming and social environment.

As a member you will receive special privileges including

• Invitations to attend Neville Crowe’s Legacy luncheons and events with special guest speakers and appearances of past and present players
• A special commemorative lapel pin
• An exclusive Richmond Football Club apron
• The opportunity to hear about available game day specials

Your Legacy Respected

Making a Will gives you peace of mind and is a way to show you care about family members and friends. It can give you peace of mind, knowing that your special wishes have been made clear and that you’ve made provision for them.

Your generous support can truly make a real and lasting difference. To ensure we can honour you properly, please make sure you notify the club if you have decided to make a bequest or if you would like more information regarding Neville Crowe’s Legacy.

Should you decide to join Neville Crowe’s Legacy your bequest will be treated with the utmost respect. Your bequest will be invested into an endowment Future Fund to secure the Richmond Football Club’s long-term future. It is intended that only the profits earned from the fund will be utilised to support the Club’s annual activities. This will ensure that the integrity of the Future Fund is protected.

The Club will utilise these profits to invest in capital equipment and resources for the development of players and coaches as we relentlessly strive for the ultimate on-field success. The Richmond Football Club also takes great pride in playing an active role in the community and the members will also be assisting by contributing to our off-field programs, which support many communities as well as fostering relationships with a new generation of Richmond supporters.

The Future Fund itself is not intended to be drawn on, but will remain in perpetuity returning much needed income to the club on an annual basis.
Swinburne Centre, Punt Road Oval
PO Box 48, Richmond VIC 3121