Our purpose and responsibilities

The Richmond Football Club (Club / we) engages with children and young people (under 18 years) (Children & Young People) through a wide variety of sporting, cultural and educational activities, events, services and programs.  It includes any service or activity sanctioned by the Club in which Children and Young Persons participate.

We have a zero-tolerance approach to any form of child abuse, harm, mistreatment or exploitation (Child Abuse or Harm).   We are committed to providing an environment and culture that is caring and safe for all Children & Young People within our care.  In line with our purpose of “Connecting to Thrive and Win”, we want Children & Young People to feel safe, supported, respected and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Together with our Board, players, staff, contractors and volunteers (people), we have the responsibility to:

  • protect Children & Young People in our care from all forms of Child Abuse or Harm; and
  • create and maintain a child safe culture that is clearly understood, communicated, supported and enacted.

Our commitment

As part of our protection of the Children & Young People that we work with and adherence to the Victorian Child Safety Standards, we will maintain a child safe and inclusive culture by:

  • ensuring that child safety is reflected in our Children & Young People Safety Code of Conduct, Children & Young People Safety Policy and broader Human Resources policies and procedures (Children & Young People Safety Policies) which are accessible and communicated to our people;

  • enforcing the Children & Young People Safety Policies, which includes setting clear standards of behaviour for our people and holding them to account if they fail to adhere to those standards;

  • considering and respecting the diversity of Children & Young People’s circumstances and backgrounds including the needs of:
    • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Children Young People; and/or
    • Children & Young People from cultural linguistic and religious backgrounds; and/or
    • Children & Young People who have a disability; and/or
    • Children & Young People with diverse sexuality and/or genders.

  • maintaining robust human resources, recruitment and screening practices when appointing new people to ensure safety of Children & Young People is the paramount consideration;

  • training and educating our people on keeping Children & Young People safe, how to identify Child Abuse or Harm risks and our reporting procedures;

  • taking proactive steps to prevent Child Abuse or Harm by identifying risks early so that they can be removed or reduced;

  • ensuring Children & Young People feel empowered to act and respond if they feel unsafe or concerned about their wellbeing;

  • fostering a culture of openness that supports all people to safely disclose risks of Child Abuse or Harm to Children & Young People to appropriate managers, including the General Manager – Human Resources (or their delegate);

  • establishing a clear procedure that provides for Children & Young People and our people to know who to, and how to, report any incident affecting the safety or wellbeing of Children & Young People;

  • treating each allegation and safety concern very seriously, and dealing with it fairly, appropriately and confidentially in accordance with our Children & Young People Safety Policies;

  • contacting authorities in accordance with applicable laws when we are concerned about a Child or Young Person’s safety;

  • sharing information appropriately and lawfully with other organisations where the safety and wellbeing of Children & Young People is at risk;

  • actively seeking and acting upon the experience and feedback of Children & Young People and their families/guardian(s); and

  • regularly reviewing our Children & Young People Safety Policies and communicate any changes to our people.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Commitment, please contact the Club at info@richmond.com.au.