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Richmond partners with Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission

Richmond and the Korin Gamadji Institute have strengthened their commitment to the Victorian Aboriginal community through a new partnership with the Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission.

Aboriginal people and the State of Victoria are working towards Treaty negotiations.

Aboriginal people in Victoria have never ceded sovereignty and have long called for treaty with government. Australia is one of the only Commonwealth countries that doesn’t have a treaty.

Treaties are necessary to recognise historic wrongs and to promote fundamental human rights. It is not about blame, but about stating the facts, and attempting to right the wrongs.

Richmond Football Club and the Korin Gamadji Institute are supporting Victorian Aboriginal communities on this journey to Treaty.

Next steps - The establishment of the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria

The next steps include setting up the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria in 2019. This will be an independent body of Victorian traditional owners, elected by Aboriginal Victorians.

The Assembly will be the voice of Aboriginal Victorians as the treaty process continues.

Aboriginal people in Victoria and Victorian Traditional Owners living outside the state will have the opportunity to vote to elect Assembly representatives.

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What is a Treaty anyway?

Learn more about Treaty in Victoria and have your questions answered by Aboriginal Victorians at