Richmond VFL coach Steve Morris provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in Saturday's win over Footscray at the Swinburne Centre.

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VFL R3: Morris post-match

Richmond VFL Senior Coach, Steve Morris, chats to Richmond Media following the Round 3 win over Footscray.

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Austin Johnson (25 disposals, 13 marks, six inside-50s, two goals)

"Outstanding game in just his second match for the Club. He's improving each week. He worked hard to support our defence but also pushed hard forward and hit the scoreboard." 

Tom Brown (23 disposals, seven marks, four rebound-50s)

"Took huge steps forward on the weekend. His starting position was much improved and he reads the play really well. He's starting to piece together some good form."

Maurice Rioli (21 disposals, eight inside-50s, six marks, one goal)

"Was excellent again on the weekend after a quiet match last week. He's in great form and his pressure is as good as anyone in the competition but he's also finding a lot more of the football."

Sam Banks (19 disposals, nine marks, eight tackles, four rebound-50s)

"Excellent game on the weekend. His defensive efforts and intent have improved in the few games that he's played for the Club and he uses the ball really nicely."

Will Martyn (18 disposals, four tackles, four rebound-50s)

"Has prepared himself really well to play good footy down back and that's exactly what he's done. He was really solid down there defensively but also got involved in a lot more attacking play."

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VFL R3: Team song

Watch the boys sing the song following the Round 3 win over Footscray.

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Angus Hicks (18 disposals, four marks, three tackles)

"Found a little bit more of the footy on the weekend and on a wing, he had a good impact on the game."

Tyler Sonsie (17 disposals, seven marks, six inside-50s)

"Whilst Tyler was a little bit quieter with ball in hand, his defensive efforts were a standout on the day and he's building into the season nicely."

Ivan Soldo (16 disposals, 31 hit-outs, five marks, six clearances, one goal)

"Had a great battle with Stefan Martin and it was great to see him attack the contest and get involved in plenty of ruck contests on the day which was great for him after missing so much footy over the last couple of years."

Lachlan Street (16 disposals, four clearances, three tackles)

"He's in really good form at the moment. He was a little bit quieter on the weekend but when he had the footy in his hands he made good decisions."

Jake Aarts (15 disposals, seven clearances, five tackles, one goal)

"Did a lot of grunt work on the weekend with seven clearances which was outstanding. His pressure really helped stem the opposition's clearances and minimise their effectiveness."

Kane Lambert (15 disposals, four inside-50s, three clearances)

"Had a great game in his first game back. Not only did he really influence the contest in the half that he played, but he was also instrumental in guiding those young players around him and setting them up to succeed."

Bigoa Nyuon (14 disposals, seven marks, two tackles)

"Has hit a bit of a purple patch of form on the back of great preparation. His big spoils were once again a standout and his rundown tackle in the last quarter was an incredible effort."

Riley Collier-Dawkins (13 disposals, four inside-50s, one goal)

"Riley's basing his game on defence at the moment which is a great starting point. He kicked a beautiful goal spinning forward and had a reasonable game on the day."

Judson Clarke (12 disposals, four goals, three marks)

"Was great on the day and finally got real reward for effort for playing his role over a number of weeks now. He kicked four goals and probably could have made it five. He continuously showed up in spots that we would want him."

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VFL R3: Clarke bags four

Watch Judson Clarke's highlights from the Round 3 win over Footscray.

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Tom Bracher (12 disposals, two marks)

"Tom had a pretty good game. He reads the ball really well and is really sure by foot. We're looking forward to seeing him progress over the coming weeks."

Misilifi Faimalo (11 disposals, four marks, two tackles)

"Was great with his offensive output and took the game on. We'd just like for him to tidy up some of his defensive work."

Sydney Stack (10 disposals, two marks, one goal)

"Sydney had an interrupted preparation for the game, but tried really hard and had a really classy finish in the last quarter on the back of great defence."

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VFL R3: Match highlights

Watch the highlights from the Round 3 win over Footscray.

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Cam Olden (10 disposals, three tackles, three marks, one goal)

"Whilst Cam's numbers wouldn't suggest he had the greatest game, he was a really important piece in the puzzle for us. He set up well, attacked the content, and tackled really well also.

Noah Cumberland (nine disposals, two marks, one goal)

"Noah was pretty banged up on the day. He was a little bit quieter than usual but is definitely progressing in his development and understanding of the game. He took a great overhead mark and had a really classy finish from close to the boundary."  

Jackson Davies (nine disposals, four marks, two rebound-50s)

"He kept his man reasonably quiet and looked solid behind the football. We'll be looking for him to start to get involved a little bit more offensively out of our back half."

Samson Ryan (eight disposals, five marks, four tackles, one goal)

"His numbers don't look huge, but the amount of times that he was outnumbered and was able to bring the ball to ground was outstanding. We would have kicked two or three goals as a direct result of him halving contest on the day."

Mykelti Lefau (eight disposals, four marks)

"Mykelti is really close to breaking a game a part. He needs to tidy up his ball-handling and touch but he is a really exciting player in the making."

Tylar Young (four disposals, three rebound-50s)

"Tyler was great again defensively and did the job that was asked of him. He looked really solid behind the football."

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