Richmond VFL coach Steve Morris provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in Sunday's match against Brisbane at the Swinburne Centre. 

Thomson Dow (29 disposals, nine clearances, four inside-50s)

"Found a lot of the footy and won a lot of ball for us in-and-under. If he can gain a little bit more from his possessions then he'll be a really valuable contributor over the coming weeks."

Jake Arts (24 disposals, 11 clearances, four inside-50s)

"Standout player for us on the day. He won the ball, his tackle pressure was outstanding and he got the ball going our way with 11 clearances."

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VFL R19: Morris post-match

Richmond VFL coach, Steve Morris chats to Richmond Media following the Round 19 match against Brisbane

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Riley Collier-Dawkins (20 disposals, three clearances, three marks)

"Whilst it wasn't a terrible day by his standards, he's been in a lot better form than he showed on the weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing him bounce back next weekend."

Jason Castagna (18 disposals, five marks, two goals)

"I thought he had a really good game. His pressure around the footy was great, he got plenty of opportunities in front of goal and was able to hit the scoreboard for us."

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VFL R19: Castagna smothers and scores

Jason Castagna creates and takes advantage of a scoring opportunity in the Round 19 match against Brisbane.

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Lachlan Street (18 disposals, four tackles, four inside-50s, one goal)

"I thought he was solid once again for us. He was asked to play a number of different roles on the day, and he just continues to do whatever is asked of him."

Hugo Ralphsmith (17 disposals, six marks, three rebound-50s)

"His first half was a bit average but he certainly bounced back with a much-improved second half. He really backed himself in the air, won some important contests, and his speed really stood out."

Bailey Henderson (14 disposals, six marks, four tackles)

"He was solid without being outstanding. He understands the wing role pretty well and his flexibility is important to the makeup of our team."

Tom Brown (13 disposals, five inside-50s, one goal)

"When he's got the footy in his hands, he makes really good decisions and uses the ball well. He's got really clean hands but it's probably his off-ball stuff that we want to see improve slightly. He's only new to the wing role and he has a really good understanding of that already, which highlights his coachability."

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VFL R19: Brown on the board

Tom Brown scores his first VFL goal in the Round 19 match against Brisbane

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Will Martyn (13 disposals, four marks, four rebound-50s)

"He was solid on the day. It certainly wasn't his best game, our backs as a whole were a little bit off on the weekend, but I'm looking forward to seeing them bounce back as a unit next weekend."

Jacob Bauer (13 disposals, four inside-50s, two goals)

"Competed really well in the air for us. A lot of the day he was outnumbered, but he brought the ball to ground and also hit the scoreboard for us."

Sydney Stack (13 disposals, three marks, two inside-50s)

"Struggled to have his usual impact on the game. It was a difficult day with the windy conditions, but he is certainly capable of more than what we saw on the weekend."

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VFL R19: Stack lays on the tough defence

Sydney Stack makes a flooring bump in the Round 19 match against Brisbane

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Tyler Young (13 disposals, four marks, four inside-50s)

"He was really solid down back. He continues to take steps forward and he looks like he's a really important part of our back six."

Brad Melville (12 disposals, five marks, three rebound-50s)

"Played his first game at the level for well over 12 months. He played limited game time and I thought it was a really good step in the right direction for him. His work-rate stands out, he is a tireless worker and I think he'll only benefit from this outing."

Fraser Elliot (12 disposals, four inside-50s, four tackles)

"Played a little bit of a different role on the weekend up forward and not so much around the footy, which probably hurt his ability to win contests, but he was a valuable addition to the game and he'll take plenty of learnings from that."

Ivan Soldo (11 disposals, 36 hit-outs, six tackles, six clearances)

"He was really important for us in the first three quarters. He came off at quarter-time in readiness to step up at AFL level if needed, but his absence really hurt us. He gave our mids first use all day and I was really impressed with his pressure around the ball also."

Josh Gibcus (10 disposals, three rebound-50s, two marks)

"I thought he looked a class above the level last week and he probably didn't play to that same standard this week. He's had some really good moments in aerial contests but I think we can get more value from his possessions with the ball in hand."

Sam Banks (10 disposals, six rebound, four tackles)

"Didn't have the impact that we're used to seeing him have, we didn't notice his run and carry off half-back as much as we have over previous weeks. But, he's only new to the role and he's having a really good season."

Rhyan Mansell (nine disposals, four tackles, three rebound-50s)

"Didn't have his best game on the day. In contests he was really solid but probably allowed his opponents a little too much leg rope on the day. He's capable of more and I'm certain we'll see a big spike in his performance next week."

Bigoa Nyuon (nine disposals, 10 hit-outs, two goals)

"I thought he showed some things up forward. His contest work was a little bit inconsistent but I think it's a matter of him getting used to reading the play forward of the footy and understanding what patterns to run. He definitely does things that other players aren't capable of doing, and he was a great target for us up forward on a difficult day for key forwards."

Mate Colina (seven disposals, seven hit-outs)

"He's very new to the game, so it's almost a matter of two steps forward, one step back for him at times, as his game knowledge is something that will continue to improve over the journey. But you can't question his work-rate and he's a really good runner for someone of his size and he's a good competitor for us, we're just going to have to be a little bit patient in his development."

Judson Clarke (seven disposals, three marks, two inside-50s)

"Didn't have the impact that he usually would, but it was pleasing to see him still back himself with his speed late in the last quarter and we know that's what he does when he's playing his best footy."

Cam Olden (six disposals, two marks)

"Didn't have his best day in terms of game impact. He did a couple of clever things that we know that he's capable of, but we'd like to see a little bit more game impact."

Nick Guiney (two disposals, three tackles)

"Has been a really solid contributor for us throughout the season so far but I thought he was a little bit down on the day. But he's capable of producing better performances over the coming weeks."

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