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Coaches' Corner: Derek Eggmolesse-Smith

Coaches' Corner: Eggmolesse-Smith In this week's edition of Coaches' Corner, Matthew Richardson and Ryan Ferguson take a look at Derek Eggmolesse-Smith's AFL journey and development.

Richmond development and VFL backline coach Ryan Ferguson provides Richmond Media with an insight into the progress of Derek Eggmolesse-Smith following his impressive AFL debut.

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His Round 16 AFL debut against Gold Coast

“We were all really excited for Derek to play his first game, and he went really well. He put his best foot forward, he showed all the things that he’s good at, so I think people that watched the game would have got a good display of what he can bring.”

His journey to the AFL as the first player drafted under Richmond’s NGA program

“He played four or five games with the VFL a couple of years ago and showed a glimpse of something, he brought a lot of excitement and energy to the group. From there, he's got onto our list and been able to play his first game, it’s a good story.”

His solid form at VFL level this year  

“He brings a lot connection with his teammates...He directs really well, he communicates with his teammates. He wins the ball back and with his ball use, he’s really smart and creative. He brings others into the game but he’s also got that penetrative left foot which is pretty handy.”

His hard work over the summer

“Some of his challenges have been around his professionalism, elite habits and training standards. At the Club he was really good, but away from the club he had some work to do. He’s earnt the respect of the playing group since he’s come back from the off-season, he’s worked really hard and developed his running base and professional habits. He’s working towards being one of the best trainers at the Club, his GPS results at training are really high. So, he’s working on a lot of things and they’re starting to shine through.”

Learning professional habits

“The pathway that he’s taken, he’s done really well to pick up that stuff as quickly as he has and he’s still building on it. He works really hard on his game, he’s pretty diligent."

His skilful AFL debut

“His poise with the football and bringing others into the game with those sharp hands…He’s clever with the ball…once he has his hands on it, he can really do some things. He’s got that step and he’s got that vision. One of his points of difference to others is that he’s got a strong defensive mindset but he can also win the ball and be creative with the ball, so he’s got those two elements of the game that we value.”

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