Get to know a little more about AFLW Tiger Courtney Wakefield... 

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Inside Tigerland: Christmas at Tigerland

Young Tiger fan, Will Fitzpatrick hosts this Christmas edition of Inside Tigerland.

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Guernsey number: 8

Position: Forward

Height: 180cm

D.O.B.: 29/03/1987

Nickname: Haven’t been given one I like yet but I’m open to suggestions.

Instagram handle: @top_hut_court

Occupation: Mum, wife, farmer

Local club: Gol Gol Hawks

Club supported growing up: Richmond

Hidden talent: My six pack, it’s definitely hidden.

Pre-game meal: Don't have a go-to meal as such, but I've got to have a good quality flat white before every game!

Favourite holiday destination: Definitely Top Hut now that I'm living in the big smoke. 

Favourite TV show: McLeod's Daughters, it's where every good farmer learns how to farm.

Most-used app: OzForecast - typical farmer! 

Cats or dogs: Dogs, because cats don't round up sheep and goats!

Favourite type of kick: Drop punt

Favourite pump up song to listen to before a match: Jack Riewoldt’s version of Mr Brightside. But you have to be careful, if it’s not turned up loud enough, you can always hear Kate Sheahan in the background still talking herself up pre-game.

Greatest inspiration: My mum, she's a legend. She leads by example and there is absolutely nothing she wouldn’t do for her family.

Which AFL/AFLW player do you model your game off: Jack Riewoldt because he lets his footy do the talking.