Richmond Football Club Limited

A.C.N. 005 563 011 


The Annual General Meeting of the Richmond Football Club Limited (“the Club”) will be held at the Swinburne Centre at Punt Road Oval on Monday, 9 December 2019 at 5.30pm.


1. To receive and consider the Annual Financial Report and the Directors’ Report and Declaration;
2. Declaration of the results of the election of two Directors of the Club;
3. Proposed changes to the Club’s Constitution;
4. Presentation of Club Award Winners;
5. Recognition of Life Members; and
6. To transact any other business which may lawfully be brought forward.


In accordance with the Club’s Constitution, the Director positions of Peggy O’Neal and Emmett Dunne are to be filled by an election. 

Each of these Directors being eligible, each may offer themselves for election.

Nominations for the position of Director will be accepted at the Club until 5.00pm on Friday, 8 November 2019.  All nominees must be a member of the Club and nominations signed by two members of the Club (in accordance with the Club’s Constitution).

Under the Constitution of the Club, the nominee and their proposer and seconder and all members intending to vote must have been a financial member of the Club for the 2019 year by 31 August 2019.

Nominees should be aware that due to Director obligations, any new Director is to be subject to a police investigation and any other enquiries necessary to ensure that the Director meets the criteria of the relevant Acts and Regulations.

Nomination Forms and further information are available by enquiry to the Company Secretary, Michael Stahl, on (03) 9426 4415 or at

Signed:             M Stahl
                        Company Secretary
                        25 October 2019