Message from Richmond President Peggy O’Neal and CEO Brendon Gale

Your amazing commitment to this Club has given us all enormous strength in these difficult times. We thank each of you for your on-going support.

We unfortunately have to update you on the harsh realities of the current financial climate and our decision to reinvigorate the Fighting Tiger Fund (FTF). Many of you will have seen the FTF mentioned in your membership renewal.

We want to be open with members and supporters so that you can understand some of the difficult decisions we have had to make, some of the challenges we face and why the FTF is an important undertaking.

Financial strength has been critical to delivering a strong and bold Club. It has underpinned our five strategic priorities:

  • Strong connection with fans
  • Positive community impact
  • Thriving people and good facilities
  • Continued Premiership level football performance
  • Sustained financial strength

The next two years will be critical to ensure that we don’t forfeit our hard-earned position of strength and our ability to pursue these strategic priorities. Therein lies our challenge.

The table here outlines how COVID-19 has impacted our business, what we are doing to address the situation and how the FTF will enable us to emerge from this period, so the Club emerges as strong as we were when we went into it.

We understand not everyone will be able to support the FTF given changes in life circumstance. Indeed, simply retaining your Club membership will be enormously appreciated. However, if you are able to contribute to the FTF, we would be grateful.

Our strength is the Tiger Army. We are strong and bold together.