Richmond's focus on culture and cohesion was a driving force behind its drought-breaking premiership success, but also set the club up to become a modern-day powerhouse.

But how does a club build a culture from the ground up?

The Tigers' leadership and culture consultant Shane McCurry joined The Inside Game podcast to talk about all the different ingredients of team success.

Speaking with host Bec Goddard, McCurry said diversity had a "transformational" impact at football clubs.

"That’s the great thing about footy and about team sport – it's comprised of people from all walks of life," McCurry said.

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The Inside Game: McCurry on leadership in footy

Richmond's culture and leadership consultant Shane McCurry joined the Inside Game to talk about club cohesion and the lessons he's learnt from Neale Daniher

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"You can have two people who are from entirely different backgrounds - and Trent Cotchin and Dustin Martin are probably great examples of that, how you don't have to have the same journey to get to the footy club.

"Your journeys can be very different but when you're there, there's the opportunity to connect and form a bond and relationship that's just so deep and special and transformational in the context of their lives."

Episode guide…

1:00 – Why one-percenters are important

4:15 – How big is too big a leadership group in footy?

6:45 – Why every level of footy clubs need to be invested in club culture

8:30 – The secret ingredient for footy success

11:22 – Why Dusty and Cotch’s stories are so important at footy clubs

12:48 – Katie Brennan’s leadership style

13:49 – The most important thing a leader can do

15:00 – How having an AFLW team changed Richmond

17:02 – Riding the ups and downs of footy

19:00 – Takeaway Tips, fuelled by the John West Protein+ range

21:39 – The advice from Neale Daniher that gave Shane his start

25:00 – Quick Hands: Shane’s favourite leader, why gratitude’s important