Get the latest Pilot Medical Update ahead of Friday night's Round 7 match against West Coast at Optus Stadium.


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Pilot medical update: Grimes, Lambert, Soldo, Dow, Pickett

Get the latest Pilot Medical Update ahead of Friday night's Round 7 match against West Coast at Optus Stadium.

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Dylan Grimes, hamstring 

"Dylan's going really well. Dylan's had a fantastic last week and a half. Last week in our main training session, he completed most of our drills and a fair bit extra to try and simulate match conditions. This week with the short turnaround and the five-day break, we only have one main training session which is not quite a normal week for us, and that session will be a bit lighter, given the turn-around so we're going to have to do a little bit extra. So at this stage, we're still going to go through the session with Dylan and we'll make an assessment after that whether he's absolutely ready to go, so we'll have more of an update after tomorrow's session."

Thomson Dow, quad cork

"It's unfortunate, if you go back a week he had a pretty significant corkie in the Adelaide game, which took a while during the week to progress. But we got him through main training and he actually felt really good. So, we decided he was available to play, and then he got another knock in the Melbourne game in a similar area. It's not as sore at this stage compared to last week, but the five days is going to make it pretty difficult. So, right now he's probably more doubtful than probable. We'll know a bit more after tomorrow's session."

Kane Lambert, managed

"Kane will full train tomorrow (Wednesday) and if he gets through that, he'll be available. He did do our main training session last week leading into the Melbourne game, but he just flagged with us that he hadn't quite recovered from the VFL game and his long-term hip injury was not quite where he needed it to be. It's just going to be an ongoing management thing for Kane, given the nature of what he's dealing with. But, I'd be pretty optimistic that if he gets through tomorrow, then we might see him playing his first AFL game (of 2022) hopefully this week in Perth."

Ivan Soldo, toe

"Ivan, similar to the others, will do the full main training session tomorrow and if he gets through that, he'll be available. He had a pretty badly infected toe which actually got worse during last week after his game in the VFL and he had to go to hospital for antibiotics and minor surgery to clean it up...That was pretty late in the week and ruled him out of the Melbourne game...Providing (training on Wednesday) goes well, he's up for selection."

Hugo Ralphsmith, ribs 

"He's feeling a lot better. In the Adelaide game, he had a pretty nasty collision and got three cracked ribs out of it and some bruising on his lung. He wasn't up for selection last week and won't be up for selection this week given the short turnaround. Moving into next week, it's resuming non-contact drills and then the doctor making an assessment on whether he can take that contact and return to play. In a week's time, we'll have a better idea of what that looks like but right now, he's working on the things he can do."

Noah Cumberland, knee

"Noah had a bit of a knee issue out of the VFL game prior to last weekend, but he's pulled up pretty well and he'll be back training this week. There's no VFL game this week, but he's up for selection for the AFL."

Marlion Pickett, hamstring

"Marlion's got a very small hamstring issue which he sustained in the Adelaide game. He played the game with it and did a fantastic job, but pulled up a little bit sore last Monday. He did some training last week but we just took the decision to play the conservative option with him and with five days into the West Coast game, it's line ball whether he'll be right for that, so we've ruled him out for this week as well and we're confident that going into the Collingwood game, he'll be back at main training."

Josh Caddy, hamstring 

"Josh is progressing well. He's had some issues with his hamstring over the last month and has been a little bit stop-start. He also had to go into the Health and Safety Protocols last week which made his rehab a bit more challenging. He's back today (Tuesday) and has been running again but we'll take this one a bit slower and make sure we get it right."

Tom Brown, calf cork

"Tom had a pretty nasty calf cork in the VFL two weeks ago, and it actually got worse during the week after the game before it got better. Tom also had to go into the Health and Safety Protocols. So, he's back this week and has started running again. There's no VFL game this weekend, so he'll have a longer preparation into the next VFL game."

Richmond Injury List:


Ivan Soldo – Toe

Kane Lambert – Managed

Noah Cumberland – Knee


Dylan Grimes – Hamstring – Short term


Thomson Dow – Quad cork


Marlion Pickett – Hamstring – Short term

Hugo Ralphsmith – Ribs – Short term

Tom Brown – Calf cork– Short term

Josh Caddy – Hamstring – Medium term