Richmond VFL coach Steve Morris provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Wednesday night's Round 12 match against Werribee at the Swinburne Centre.

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VFL R12: Colina post-match

Richmond Category B recruit, Mate Colina, chats to Richmond Media following the Round 12 match against Werribee.

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Jack Ross (26 disposals, five marks, five clearances)

"He was outstanding on the day with his intent. He cracked in, tried hard, and led the way for our young team."

Ben Miller (25 disposals, nine rebound-50s, seven marks)

"I thought 'Funky' was pretty good. He let himself down on lead-ups at times, but all in all, was solid in the contest and made some good decisions on offence."

Samson Ryan (23 disposals, 40 hit-outs, six clearances, five marks)

"I thought it was his best game for the club. He had 40 hit-outs and battled really hard. His contested stuff was great and his aerial game was quite strong."

Tom Brown (20 disposals, seven marks, three inside-50s)

"He's taking some really good steps forward. He was really clean which was noticeable, and he is wanting to get more involved in offence. We're seeing a definite improvement in his defensive actions."

Bigoa Nyuon (17 disposals, six marks, three rebound-50s)

"He probably didn't stand out like he has been over the last months with a few lapses in concentration, but overall played a solid game."

Jason Castagna (16 disposals, seven inside-50s, five clearances, five tackles)

"He started with a bit of a circuit-breaker through the midfield. He had a really good first half before going up forward and probably found it hard to impact, but tried all day."

Tyler Sonsie (16 disposals, four rebound-50s, three marks)

"We're probably not getting the balance of contested ball that we were earlier in the season, so it's a challenge for Tyler to get in and under and win the footy for us, but we saw a few glimpses of what he's capable of in and around contests."

Lachlan Street (15 disposals, four rebound-50s, four marks)

"Found a bit of the footy but we're looking for a spike in the defensive side of his game, which he'll look to do this week against Coburg."

Tyler Young (13 disposals, seven marks, one goal)

"Played down back for the first half and was 'Mr Fix-It' on the day. He did some ruck work and also went forward and had a couple of shots on goal."

William Martyn (12 disposals, two tackles, two rebound-50s)

"Will has been really diligent in leading the backline over the last couple of months. Once again, he tried extremely hard. He got beaten a couple of times but didn't give up at any stage."

Sam Banks (12 disposals, two tackles, two clearances)

"We want the footy in his hands because he makes great decisions and is a wonderful ball user. We probably didn't see as much as we would like of that, but when he had the ball, he certainly made things happen."

Austin Johnson (12 disposals, four rebound-50s, three marks)

"A better game from him on the weekend. He was reasonably solid in the contest and he plays our wing role pretty well. We're looking for an improvement once again this week."

Riley Collier-Dawkins (11 disposals, seven tackles, three clearances)

"While Riley had seven tackles on the day, we feel as though he can probably have more of an impact at this level, and the challenge is on him to do so."

Maurice Rioli (11 disposals, five tackles, three clearances, two goals)

"As is always the case, Maurice busted his gut for the team. He was asked to have more of an offensive impact, and it was great to see him have three shots on goal and kick a couple of really classy goals."

Bailey Henderson (10 disposals, two rebound-50s)

"Bailey hurt himself just before half-time and battled away to come back out onto the field. He had a few really good moments despite battling through injury."

Jake Aarts (nine disposals, three tackles)

"It was a tough day for small forwards and whilst Jake tried everything he could, he probably struggled to have the impact that he would like to on the game."

Sydney Stack (nine disposals, three inside-50s, two marks)

"It was a game of two halves for Sydney. The first half, like most of our others forwards, he really struggled to get into the game. But, he went back in the second half and attacked that really positively and had an influence down back, which was great to see."

Thomson Dow (seven disposals, two clearances)

"He didn't have his best game and will be looking to bounce back in and around the contest next week."

Jacob Bauer (seven disposals, two inside-50s, three goals)

"It was really great to see Jacob work his way into the game, not only hitting the scoreboard and seeing his teammates celebrate his first goal in Richmond colours, but also to bring his teammates into the game late in the game."

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VFL R12: Bauer kicks three

Watch Jacob Bauer's highlights from the Round 12 match against Werribee.

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Lachlan Carrigan (seven disposals, one clearance)

"Played down back and didn't have the impact he would have liked to, but he'll learn from his experiences playing at senior level for the first time over the last couple of weeks."

Rhyan Mansell (five disposals, two inside-50s, one goal)

"Tried hard up forward and was able to hit the scoreboard. He didn't finish the game as he was an emergency for the AFL game the following night."

Noah Cumberland (four disposals, one mark, one goal)

"Noah was pretty sore on the night and didn't have the impact that we've come to expect from him. He kicked a really clever goal on the half-time siren, but he is well-aware that we're looking for more of an output from him."

Mate Colina (two disposals, one tackle)

"Started like a house on fire in his first game for the club. We're really excited to see what he can bring over the coming weeks. It's a really early stage of his development as a player and he will take a lot from his debut outing."

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