A lot has changed since Sunday, 5 June 2016.

That was the last time Coburg hosted Richmond VFL at Piranha Park, a day in which the Lions prevailed by 33 points and the Tigers didn’t kick their opening major until the two-minute mark of the last quarter.

Since that day, Richmond has played off in a Grand Final, won a premiership in 2019 and is now led by a man who in 2016 was on the senior list, Steve Morris.

The Tigers faced the Lions at their refurbished home in Round 13, keen to atone for the previous week’s loss against Werribee.

Unfortunately for Richmond, its return to the venue matched its goalless first quarter from its corresponding bout in 2016.

The Tigers owned the territory battle in the opening term, generating enough opportunities, but struggled to convert that into a positive result on the scoreboard.

However, Richmond held its nerve, stuck to its process and reaped the rewards for the final three quarters, surging to a 52-point win.

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VFL R13: Match highlights

Watch the highlights from the win against Coburg

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The Tigers were able to play the game in their half for large chunks, equating to dominance on the scoreboard as cracks were pried open in Coburg’s defence, the final score reading, 15.14 (104) to 7.10 (52).

Jake Aarts showcased his tenacity and nous up forward, jagging a match-high four goals, and was aptly supported by the dynamism of Noah Cumberland (3), Sydney Stack and Maurice Rioli Jnr.

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VFL R13: Aarts four goal performance

Jake Aarts was ever dangerous forward of centre, kicking four goals against Coburg

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Jack Ross willed himself from contest-to-contest, racking up 34 disposals and capping off his performance with a classy set-shot goal.

Ross and Riley Collier-Dawkins were bullocking inside the contest, and just as damaging and effective when the ball was out in open space.

Aarts and Cumberland had a big say in Richmond getting the games back on its terms, honouring the great work of their teammates up the field.

Maurice Rioli Jnr backed up from his cameo as the medical substitute in Thursday night's AFL win over Carlton, and was at his buzzing best.

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VFL R13: Impressive effort from Rioli Jnr and Stack

Maurice Rioli Jnr spun out of trouble, hands the ball off to Sydney Stack who goals and salutes

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Rioli Jnr is adding versatility to his game, working as a high half forward, utilising his electric pace between the arcs, then flying back inside 50.

Stack worked into the game, coming to life in the second half as he teamed up with Rioli Jnr for his first goal, capping-off some slick ball movement from the back-half.

The sky-scraping trio of Mate Colina, Ivan Soldo and Samson Ryan rotated between ruck and deep forward, aiming to stretch the Lions’ defence.

Colina and Soldo both had shots on goal in the first quarter, whilst Ryan launched himself at numerous contests.

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VFL R13: Morris post-match

VFL senior coach, Steve Morris, chats to Richmond Media following the Round 13 match against Coburg.

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Soldo was workmanlike throughout, slotting two goals, with Ryan seemingly growing in stature with every performance.

Defensive duo Ben Miller and Bigoa Nyuon have been in-form at VFL level, and built on that again in the first quarter.

The chemistry between Miller and Nyuon has matured as the year has ticked along, both possessing balance in their games in knowing when to be staunch in defence and explosive in attack.

Coburg held the ascendency on the scoreboard by quarter-time, with Soldo’s set-shot cannoning into the goal post after the siren.

Jason Castagna guided home Richmond’s first goal of the game midway through the second term and created a forward-half turnover, handing Jacob Bauer his first major.

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VFL R13: Castagna gets the first

Jason Castagna gives Richmond their first major with this crumb and goal effort

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Aarts’ energy was infectious, as he snapped his second goal which halted the Lions’ momentum and started to swing it Richmond’s way.

Cumberland thumped through the set-shot goal on the stroke of half-time, pushing the Tigers' lead to seven points.

It was a great return to form for Cumberland, who finished the game with three goals and six tackles.

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VFL R13: Three goals for Cumberland

Noah Cumberland's forward pressure and 3 goals played a major role in the win against Coburg

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The second half started swimmingly for Richmond, with Aarts slotting a classic Tigers goal, before the Lions hit back swiftly and then the visitors upped the ante.

Goals to Stack and Cumberland edged the Tigers’ lead out to 20 points before Bauer slotted his second goal.

Richmond steadily built on its buffer with a six-goal quarter, opening up a 33-point lead heading into the final term.

The Tigers held sway in the midfield in the last term, constantly using the expansive wings of Piranha Park to their advantage and finding free targets inside 50.

A five-goal quarter made it 11-goals-to-five after quarter-time, solidifying Richmond’s sixth win of the year.

COB 2.1 3.6 5.8 7.10 (52)

RICH 0.3 4.7 10.11 15.14 (104)

Goal Kickers:

Richmond: Aarts (4), Cumberland (3), Soldo (2), Bauer (2), Castagna (1), Ross (1), Stack (1), Sonsie (1)

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