Richmond VFL coach Steve Morris provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in Sunday's match against Collingwood at the Swinburne Centre.

Tyler Sonsie (31 disposals, five clearances, three rebound-50s)

"Back to his absolute best. Had a high contested possession count, good clearance numbers, and his work-rate both offensively and defensively was a standout."

Matt Parker (29 disposals, 10 inside-50s, eight marks, two score-assists)

"Had a lot of uncontested ball and we'd like to improve that balance slightly as I think his strengths are around the contest. But, his work-rate was a real standout on the day, when back to help our defence and also when driving the footy."

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VFL R15: Morris post-match

Richmond VFL coach, Steve Morris chats to Richmond Media following the Round 15 match against Collingwood.

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Ben Miller (27 disposals, eight rebound-50s, four marks)

"Had some good moments on the day. He really helps our offensive ball movement when he takes the game on. He's got great skills and helps us move the ball quickly from the back half."

Thomson Dow (26 disposals, six clearances, five marks, five inside-50s)

"Really good in and around contests. He led us for contested possessions and had six clearances on the day. His work-rate was also of a high class."

Jake Aarts (23 disposals, five marks, five tackles, one goal)

"Was outstanding on the day. He led the way in terms of our pressure on the footy and had a real impact when he went on-ball in the second half."

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VFL R15: Aarts busy early

Jake Aarts kicks the opener in the Round 15 match against Collingwood.

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Rhyan Mansell (22 disposals, six marks, three tackles)

"Had a solid game on the weekend. He probably didn't stand out quite to the level he has over the last few weeks, but he's in really good form."

William Martyn (20 disposals, five rebound-50s, five marks)

"Had some fantastic contests on the day. It was great to see him get involved off half-back with 10 handball receives, as this has been a focus for him. He had another solid game."

Judson Clarke (17 disposals, three inside-50)

"Played a reasonable game without standing out. He made really good decisions with ball-in-hand and helps us going forward."

Bailey Henderson (17 disposals, five marks, two clearances)

"Needs to tidy up a couple of inside-50 entries, but outside of that, he had a really good game. His attack on the contest was outstanding and his work-rate and step-in mentality was as good as I've seen it all year."

Riley Collier-Dawkins (16 disposals, eight clearances, three marks)

"Had some really good moments that would excite Tiger fans when bursting out of stoppage and driving the footy inside-50. It's something we want to see more often, but his clearance game was a good one, leading the team with eight on the day."

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VFL R15: Collier-Dawkins explosive out of the middle

Sydney Stack capitalises off a textbook delivery from Riley Collier-Dawkins.

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Noah Cumberland (16 disposals, eight marks, two goals)

"Continues to get multiple shots on goal every single game. He can definitely be better on defence, which is a bit of barometer for his game, but I think we're seeing some really good growth from Noah in and around contest when in offence."

Bigoa Nuyon (16 disposals, four marks, three rebound-50s)

"Didn't play to the level that we know he can. I'd like to see him get more involved in our offensive chains."

Sydney Stack (15 disposals, seven marks, three inside-50s, one goal)

"Had a solid game without standing out. He should have finished with a couple of goals. It was good to see him get his balance between offence and defence right."

Joel Nathan (15 disposals, three marks, two rebound-50s)

"Had a good game defensively. He also got involved in our offensive chains and made some really good decisions throughout the game. Unfortunately, he broke his jaw in the last term in a really courageous contest, and will miss a number of weeks after having surgery. "

Lachlan Street (14 disposals, five marks)

"Made some really good decisions with ball-in-hand under pressure, and was one of our players who had a real willingness to attack the contest and trust our keys, which was good to see. I thought he was pretty good in contests in and around the ground."

Tom Brown (11 disposals, four marks)

"His hanger in the dying stages of the match when the game was on the line was the highlight of the day. He backed himself, and his aerial power is a really big strength of his and is something we're looking forward to seeing more of. He made some terrific decisions under pressure."

Fraser Elliot (11 disposals, three marks, two clearances)

"Played his first game of the season for us, and I thought he had a really good game. His hands in tight were absolutely fantastic and I think he'll be much better for the run."

Jacob Bauer (10 disposals, four marks, two inside-50s, one goal)

"Was pretty stiff to not end up with three or four goals. He got himself into really good positions and wasn't used when he should have been. I think he's progressing really nicely, he certainly knows how to play his role for the team." 

Samson Ryan (35 hit-outs, nine disposals, four clearances, one goal)

"Did a great job for us in the ruck. It was good to see him push forward and have an impact up there as well, taking a contested mark and finishing in front of goals is something we want to see more of from him."

Lachlan Johnson (seven disposals, two marks)

"Hasn't played much footy of late. We can certainly see the talent he has, the challenge for him is to continue to build his fitness so that we can see that talent come to the fore more often."

Mate Colina (four disposals, three tackles, one goal)

"Mate is taking steps forward each and every week. He took a fantastic contested mark and provided a good contest for us up forward, we're certainly pleased with his progress."

Misilifi Faimalo (four disposals, one goal)

"Kicked a fantastic goal on the run at a crucial stage of the game. We want him to be more involved more offensively with his run to create."

Sam Tucker (four disposals, three marks, two goals)

"Had three shots on goal in limited game time. I thought he played his role pretty well, he also halved a really important contest on the wing, which enabled us to win the footy back and get the ball on ground level and we ended up kicking a goal from that chain of offensive ball movement."

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