Richmond VFL coach Steve Morris provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in Sunday's 82-point win over the Northern Bullants at Preston City Oval.

Riley Collier-Dawkins (30 disposals, 23 contested possessions, 12 clearances, five inside-50s)

"Had a very good game on the weekend with 12 clearances and a huge 23 contested possessions. He was dominant, particularly from centre bounce, he burst clear on a number of occasions and gave our forwards first use."

Jake Aarts (29 disposals, five tackles, one goal)

"Once again, Jake was outstanding for us, he's been in terrific form lately. He worked up and down the ground playing mainly as a forward, but his work-rate and his ability to win contested ball really did stand out."


Thomson Dow (23 disposals, nine clearances, one goal)

"Thomson once again looked dynamic in-and-around stoppage. He won nine clearances including seven from centre bounce. He teamed up with Riley really well and was able to give us midfield ascendancy."

Bigoa Nyuon (22 disposals, nine marks, six rebound-50s)

"The most pleasing aspect of his game was the fact that he started slowly and it didn't affect the remainder of his game, which was outstanding. He took a number of intercept marks and backed himself in the air, which was really pleasing."

Hugo Ralphsmith (21 disposals, three tackles, one goal)

"Played a little bit down back and also on the wings. I thought he had a really good game driving out of our back half and being a really good connector for us with his run and carry. He also hit the scoreboard late in the last quarter."

Lachie Street (19 disposals, four marks, one goal)

"He's been leading the club really well over the course of the season. He had another good game on the weekend and was able to hit the scoreboard as well."

Samson Ryan (18 disposals, 12 marks, 13 hit-outs, five goals)

"I thought the last game he played was his best game for the club, and he bettered that effort once again. He was outstanding on the weekend, he took three contested marks, hit the scoreboard heavily and his hands were extremely strong. He made the most of his advantage in aerial contests throughout the day."


Sydney Stack (18 disposals, four tackles, three goals)

"He looked switched on from the first bounce and was really engaged. He made his teammates better, which is something we continually challenge Sydney to do, and he hit the scoreboard heavily, kicking three goals himself. But, it was his small acts that pleased me most."


William Martyn (17 disposals, five marks, four rebound-50s)

"He had another solid game, he's been in terrific form this season. He's pretty reliable down back, he gets involved in a lot of our offensive chains, but he's also pretty ruthless in defence and that's what we love about him."

Sam Banks (17 disposals, five marks, one goal)

"He's move to defence over the last couple of weeks and played a little bit of wing on the weekend, but mainly in defence. He's a beautiful ball user, he's getting himself in really good positions and he's starting to play to our system really well which is pleasing to see. He also hit the scoreboard with a beautiful finish from outside 50m.

Fraser Elliot (16 disposals, four clearances, four inside-50s)

"Fraser is a big inside midfielder who's been in great form lately. He's very clean in-and-around stoppages, and he had four clearances including three centre bounce clearances on the weekend."


Rhyan Mansell (15 disposals, three marks, three inside-50s)

"I thought he had a so-so first half, but followed that up with a sensational second half. It was really pleasing to see him bounce back to his absolute best form. He led the way in terms of our attack on the contest and willingness to play to our system, and I think all Richmond supporters enjoy watching the way he plays and goes about it."

Jacob Bauer (12 disposals, eight marks, four inside-50s, four goals)

"In the first half he certainly looked to be our standout forward. He's a real presence up forward and he took four contested marks, highlighting his aerial power. One thing you know about him is that he'll throw absolutely everything at the contest, he's been really important for us."


Bailey Henderson (11 disposals, five inside-50s, four marks, one goal)

"Has been a solid contributor for our VFL team across the entire season. He's a smart player who is versatile, he's skilful and once again he played a valuable role for us on the weekend and was able to hit the scoreboard."

Ivan Soldo (nine disposals, five marks, 30 hit-outs, two goals)

"We're a much better team with Ivan in it, there's no doubt about it. He's a real presence in the ruck and also up forward. It was another good game from him."

Angus Hicks (nine disposals, three marks, one goal)

"A couple of times on the weekend he really highlighted his cleanliness around contest. One take in particularly was as clean as you'll see. He's got beautiful skills and finished just as we know he can in front of goals on the weekend as well. It was a solid performance in his first game back after injury."

Mate Colina (eight disposals, six hit-outs, two inside-50s)

"Had a really improved game. He provided us with a real contest up forward and I think he's getting better each and every week. If we can tidy up his set-shot goal-kicking, he will certainly increase his game impact. Big steps forward on the weekend."


Tyler Young (eight disposals, four marks, three inside-50s)

"Had a solid game. He played down deep in defence and did what was asked of him on the day. He's in good form."

Judson Clarke (seven disposals, two marks, two inside-50s)

"Played on the wing for the very first time. It was one of those days where our wingers got by-passed in our ball movement for most of the day and didn't have much of an impact. But he ran really good patterns and played his role for the team."

Misilifi Faimalo (six disposals, two marks, two inside-50s)

"Played for Red Hill the previous day but backed up the following day after we had a late out. It was really pleasing to see his energy, it certainly is infectious and he's a wonderful person to have a part of our program."

Tom Brachar (six disposals, two rebound-50s)

"Tom had his first game for the club in quite some time but he certainly didn't look out of place. He was great in the contest and his stats certainly don't suggest the impact that he had on the game, I thought he had a really solid game and it was a good step forward for him."

Tom Brown (four disposals, two marks)

"Like Judson, he struggled to get involved offensively on the day. He is new to his wing role and that, coupled with the way the game was played, probably reduced his impact."

Jess McGrath

"He's a really solid contributor for us. He's a wonderful team man and has played his role really well over the last few weeks when given the opportunity. These VFL opportunities will hold him in good stead for the years to come."

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