Richmond assistant coach Justin Leppitsch provides ‘Roar Vision’ with an insight into the impressive development of athletic, young Tiger tall forward Callum Moore. 

Consistent overall improvement

“He’s shown some real signs of improvement every season that he’s been on the list. He’s got amazing speed and agility, so that’s his plus side. His offensive stuff is really good . . . He’s a guy who can break the lines, kick goals and do all that stuff. But his ability to chase and pressure, and use that speed for his defensive good, has been much better. And now, with maturity, he’s getting a bit more competitive as well.”

Key improvement area

As a guy at 193cm, you want to be good in the air . . . and that was probably his big improvement area – his aerial work . . . It’s great that this part of his game is improving because it means that he’s starting to really close down the gaps.”

Rising confidence

“He had a taste (of AFL football) two years ago, but he didn’t play senior footy last year. He then played in the (JLT Community Series) pre-season game this year (v North Melbourne). I think those things build confidence, and he’s been in terrific form in the VFL, so he deserves his shot.”

Complementing our forward structure

“He’s got really elite run, and one thing about most of our forwards, basically, is they’re great runners, great spreaders from the contest, and they get inside 50 quickly. So that’s why we get on the end of a lot of dynamic plays. He adds to that mix.”

Applying forward pressure

“It’s probably not his No. 1 strength, but it’s something he’s working on hard. The same with Jack (Riewoldt). It’s something that wasn’t natural to Jack, but he brought into his game. Cal’s very similar.”

His goalkicking technique

“He’s missed a few set shots, so we’ve got to spend a little bit more time on that. He’s actually got a good action, but that arrow is sometimes pointed in the wrong direction.”

The next phase of his development

“Well, really, just keep improving . . . Continue to be strong in the air to give us a contest. And then, basically, use his speed and his other strengths. They’re the two main things he’s doing, so he’s staying in the team. Let’s just hope that continues to grow and grow.”