Richmond VFL coach Steve Morris provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Sunday's win over North Melbourne at the Swinburne Centre.


Tyler Sonsie (25 disposals, 11 contested possessions, three clearances, one goal)

"Had a good game once again and was a big reason as to why we were able to get over the line, particularly an impressive goal front and centre. Obviously a disappointing outcome for him at the tribunal, but something that Tyler will certainly learn from in the future."

Sam Banks (23 disposals, 11 marks, six rebound-50s)

"I thought he had a really good game. His run and carry was particularly important for us and he continued his good form."

Brad Melville (20 disposals, seven marks, six inside-50s)

"He was really solid. Probably didn't make the absolute most of his opportunities, but he's in really good form."

Rhyan Mansell (19 disposals, 10 tackles, six clearances, one goal)

"You know what you're going to get from him, and we saw that in the midfield which was something different for him and a great new challenge. He had 10 tackles and I know that he will benefit greatly from the experience."

Tom Brindley (19 disposals, five marks, three clearances, one goal)

"Played on the wing on the weekend and was really important for us. His running ability and ball use was really good and he kicked a fantastic goal in the last quarter."

James Trezise (18 disposals, four marks, three inside-50s)

"Continued his good form. He impacted both in the air and at ground level, and continues to excite fans."

Tom Brown (18 disposals, six marks, six rebound-50s)

"Once again, he used the ball brilliantly throughout the game. His decision-making and ball use is at a high level at AFL standard, and when he's playing at VFL level it really stands out. Hopefully he gets his opportunity to shine on the big stage in the near future."

Lachlan Street (18 disposals, four marks, three clearances)

"Had another solid game. He probably didn't have the numbers that he had the previous week, but the opposition were much more aware of the impact he can have."

Mykelti Lefau (18 disposals, 17 contested possessions, nine tackles, four clearances)

"He was brilliant on the day. Seventeen contested possessions is a very high number, and also nine tackles. He was a real presence for us."

Samson Ryan (15 disposals, 33 hit-outs, four marks, two goals)

"Dominated the air. We probably didn't get the most out of that dominance, it would have been nice to make the most of his dominance around stoppage and clearance, as we went down by 14 in clearance."


Bigoa Nyuon (14 disposals, six marks, three rebound-50s)

"He had a really solid game. His last two weeks have really impressed me with his starting points and his physicality. The way he's prepared to his job first and help others second has been really pleasing."

Mutaz El Nour (13 disposals, six marks, six rebound-50s)

"He had another really good game. He's really important in winning the ball back for us and he's diligent on defence. He's in really good form as part of a solid back six."

Hugo Ralphsmith (13 disposals, three tackles, three inside-50s)

"Had a relatively quiet day by his standards. We'll get back to exactly what makes him the player he is and a better balance between offence and defence."

Jacob Bauer (12 disposals, seven marks, three contested marks, three tackles, four goals)

"Probably the standout player on the ground. He was a real presence, took three contested marks and he was bombing them from everywhere. Really pleased with the way he was able to impact the game."


Mohammed Yassine (nine disposals, four inside-50s, three goals)

"Had a huge impact on the game. His work-rate and some of his contest work was at an elite level, and to finish with three goals was a really good result for him as a small forward."


Angus Hicks (eight disposals, three clearances, two tackles)

"He's a really important player for us, but had a quiet day by his standards. He's as hard on himself as anyone is, and he'll be doing everything he can to bounce back against Collingwood this week."

Austin Johnson (eight disposals, two marks, two rebound-50s)

"Stuck to his task really well playing on Sam Lowson down back, and for the most part, did a really good job on him. There's a couple of system things we'd like to tidy up, but he's in really good form."

Matt Clarkson (eight disposals, two clearances, two rebound-50s)

"I thought he was really solid on the weekend. He did his job defensively and used the ball quite well when he had his opportunities."

Ben Miller (seven disposals, 22 hit-outs, three tackles)

"Was good around the ground in the ruck when he had his opportunity in there. I'd still like him to dominate games of VFL football the way we know he's capable of, and he was a whisker off doing that on the weekend. But, I think it's just around the corner."

Cam Olden (seven disposals, four marks, two clearances, one goal)

"He was really lively up until the point where he got a pretty bad head knock and he'll unfortunately miss this week."


Kaelan Bradtke (six disposals, three inside-50s, two marks)

"Unfortunately wasn't able to hit the scoreboard and his impact on the game was minimal. But, we've seen some real aggression from him over the last few weeks."

Seth Campbell (five disposals, two rebound-50s, one clearance)

"Unfortunately Seth went down with an ankle injury early on in the game, but he started really well. We're hopeful that it's not anywhere near as bad as first thought."

Matt Coulthard (five disposals, three tackles, two marks)

"Battled on throughout the day despite injuring his shoulder early on. He was really important for the team and showed great resilience to play his role for the remainder of the game."

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