Richmond VFL coach Steve Morris provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Saturday's Round 3 loss against Werribee at Avalon Airport Oval.


Lachlan Wilson (19 disposals, 11 contested possessions, 10 tackles, five clearances)

“Lachlan tried his backside off on the day and led our team with 10 tackles. His effort couldn’t have been questioned.”

Sam Banks (17 disposals, 71% disposal efficiency, four marks, three inside-50s, three rebound-50s, one goal)

“Sam played across half-back and on the wing and I thought he was a player that looked like he could break the game open for us at different stages. He tried his hardest and his leadership was something that really stood out to me.”

Kaleb Smith (17 disposals, 82% disposal efficiency, four marks, four tackles, three inside-50s, three rebound-50s)  

“Kaleb had another game that was a step in the right direction for him. I thought he was important giving us some really good looks late in the game when we needed to take a few risks, and his ball use was good under pressure late in the game.”

Will Bravo (17 disposals, three marks, seven tackles, four inside-50s)

“I thought Will tried his backside off. He probably lacked a little bit of polish to make the most of the opportunities that he had, but we'll get to work on that with him.”

Lachlan Street (16 disposals, four clearances, six rebound-50s)

“’He tried hard in a midfield that probably got dominated on the day. He’ll look to bounce back against Casey in an important game for us.”

Sam Naismith (15 disposals, 38 hit-outs, 12 contested possessions, 11 clearances, five inside-50s, four tackles)

“I thought Sam was good in the ruck. Once again, he got his hands to the ball consistently throughout the day, we probably just weren't able to make the most of his ruck dominance. This week we'll spend some time working out a plan to make the most of him moving forward.”

Mutaz El Nour (15 disposals, 100% disposal efficiency, six marks, three tackles)

“I thought Mutaz had a pretty solid game. I thought he read the ball really well in defence and used the ball well. He's in good form.”

Austin Johnson (14 disposals, 71% disposal efficiency, three marks, four tackles, three inside-50s)

“We gave him a task on the day and I thought he tried hard, but he just had his colours lowered. He's been in super form so far this season and I’m looking forward to seeing him bounce back against Casey next week.” 

Chad Harris (14 disposals, four marks, five rebound-50s)

“Chad ran to create on numerous occasions, but our ball movement was a little bit off, and I thought that hurt him a little bit. His leadership, again, was important and he's an important part of our back six.”

Cam Olden (14 disposals, eight contested possessions, 93% disposal efficiency, three marks, eight tackles, four clearances)

“A bit of a different day for Cam. With the lack of a midfield presence, we threw Cam back onto the ball. We got the contest that we were after, but probably didn't get the game impact that we have come to expect from Cam. However, he certainly cracked in as shown by his eight tackles.”

Samson Ryan (13 disposals, eight contested possessions, 17 hit-outs, four clearances, seven marks, three contested marks, four goals)

“I thought Samson was the dominant player on the ground for us. He took three contested marks and made the most of his opportunities. He's in good form and it's pleasing to see the way he has responded.”

Noah Cumberland (13 disposals, seven contested possessions, three marks, eight inside-50s)

“I thought ‘Cumbo’ looked lively, we just didn't get the most out of the opportunities that he had. He didn't use the ball as well as we know he can, and we know that he can have a much bigger impact on the game than he did on the weekend.”

Nick Guiney (12 disposals, 100% disposal efficiency, four rebound-50s)

“Nick has been in outstanding form this season. He used the ball really well, but I was a little bit disappointed with the defensive side of his game, which has been a real highlight so far this season. He hasn't played much footy over the last couple of years, so we're really grateful to have him back in the team.”

Thomas Brindley (11 disposals, 73% disposal efficiency, five marks)

“I thought he was one of our better players. He played everywhere for us. He played in defence as a key defender early on in the game and I thought he was influential down there, but we just needed something a little bit different on the wings later in the game. I thought he played his role quite well out on a wing as well, he's a versatile player that is important for us moving forward.”

Liam George (11 disposals, six contested possessions, four marks)

“In only his second game, Liam once again created some good opportunities for us. He probably wasn't as clean as we expected him to be, and that's a real strength of his. I think with continuity playing our game style, he'll get better and better in our system.”

Sam Davidson (11 disposals, four marks)

“A really pleasing debut from Sam. He had a number of shots on goal early in the game, and he looked really lively for us. He’s a young developing tall that can play small as well, and his work rate was on show. Really good starting point for him.”

Joel Nathan (10 disposals, three marks, three tackles)

“I thought Joel defensively did a really good job for us. He played deep in defence, and I thought he held (Werribee’s) key forwards quite well. We're just looking for a little bit more from him offensively to be able to challenge the opposition.”

Archie May (eight disposals, five contested possessions, three marks, nine tackles, four inside-50s, one goal)

“While the stats wouldn't suggest so, I thought it was one of Archie’s better games for the club. He had nine tackles which is enormous for a key forward. What doesn't show up on the stat sheet is a key forward's ability to half a contest when significantly outnumbered, and this was the most pleasing part of Archie's game. He's getting better and better every week, and I'm really looking forward to him breaking a game apart in the coming weeks.”

Matthew Coulthard (seven disposals, two marks)

“He was just one of a host of small forwards who struggled to get into the game on the day. I thought he tried hard, and his work rate was up, as is always the case.”

Harrison White (six disposals, three contested possessions)

“Harrison played against his former team on the weekend, and he's a player with a high work rate, he just struggled to get into the game. Our ball movement probably didn't help those small forwards, but we'll be looking for them to have a bigger impact moving forward.”

Jed Feneley (six disposals, one mark)

“Jed's a pretty special talent that we're really excited about. He showed some really pleasing signs on the weekend defensively, but we want to see the offensive side of his game get up and going. He's got some real weapons, and I think he can really help us moving forward. He needs to find the belief that he can do so for us on offence as well.”

Judson Clarke (two disposals, one goal)

“Absolutely shattered for Judson. He’s one of the most likeable people that you'd find in football, and unfortunately, he's gone down with a season-ending ACL injury. We wish Judson all the very best in his recovery and sending over lots of love his way.”

Mohammed Yassine (one disposal, three tackles)

"He went down just after half-time and was unable to come back onto the ground. He's been diagnosed with an ankle injury that'll keep him out for an extended period of time. So, we're not having much luck on the injury front, but hopefully he can attack his rehab in a positive manner and we can see him out on the field sooner rather than later.”