Richmond VFL coach Steve Morris provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Saturday’s loss to Geelong at GMHBA Stadium.  


Harry Scott (25 disposals, 15 contested possessions, three marks, four inside-50s, seven tackles, seven clearances, one goal)

“Harry’s made a wonderful start to his career in the Yellow and Black. For a 19-year-old kid to lead us for tackles and clearances in just his second game is a wonderful feat and he was instrumental in giving us a chance to win this game against a very good side.”

Chad Harris (20 disposals, 75% disposal efficiency, seven marks, three intercept marks, seven rebound-50s, three tackles)

“Chad was once again solid down back. I’m looking for his leadership to help set us up structurally and around stoppage this week.”

Lachlan Wilson (20 disposals, five marks, four tackles)

“It was a very strong game again from Lachlan in and around the footy. He's become a very important player for us really quickly.”

Jacob Blight (20 disposals, 75% disposal efficiency, nine marks, eight intercept marks, four rebound-50s, three inside-50s)

“His first game in Richmond colours was a really strong one. He had a game-high eight intercept marks and looked really strong behind the footy.”


James Trezise (18 disposals, nine contested possessions, 83% disposal efficiency, five marks, three rebound-50s)

“James played our system really well and was tough in the contest. It's great to see his run off half-back starting to increase as well. He's hitting some nice form.”

Joel Garner (16 disposals, 75% disposal efficiency, three rebound-50s, three inside-50s, five tackles, five clearances)

“Joel was really solid once again, but we’re asking him to lead really strongly with a young and inexperienced midfield group. I can't wait to see what he can do against Port Melbourne this Friday night.”

Sam Davidson (15 disposals, eight contested possessions, 87% disposal efficiency, four marks, five rebound-50s, three inside-50, one goal)

“It was a tough one for Sam because we've thrown him everywhere in his short time at the club. He was asked to play on a wing on the weekend, and it was a great experience for him to do so. I think he'll take some real learnings from that game, and it adds another string to his bow.”

Tom Brindley (14 disposals, 86% disposal efficiency, six marks, six tackles, 11 hit-outs)

“Tom played in the ruck; It was a really good experience for him to play against Rhys Stanley for a half. I thought he had another good influence on the game, and definitely stepped into the contest as well with six tackles.”

Tom McCarthy (13 disposals, 77% disposal efficiency, five marks, six tackles)

“Tom had a solid game. He was good in the contest, but we’re probably just wanting more from him offensively. When he gets his work done early he can be really effective in and around stoppage, and that's the challenge for him this week against Port Melbourne.”

Archie May (13 disposals, seven contested possessions, seven marks, two goals)

“I’m super pleased with the growth in Archie's game over the last month. I thought he had another really influential game on the weekend, kicking two goals from his six shots on goal. If he keeps getting those opportunities, he's going to have a really good second half of the year because he's usually a very nice kick at goal.”


Campbell Gray (13 disposals, seven marks, three inside-50s, five hit-outs, two goals)

“Tiger fans would have been really excited to see Campbell in action for the first time, and he didn't disappoint. He flew at the contest with aggression and followed up at ground level really strongly. He also played some time in the ruck, and I thought he was influential around the footy. It’s a great starting point for him.”


Sam Banks (11 disposals, four marks, four rebound-50s)

“He played three quarters again on the weekend, and his run-and-carry and decision making was on show. I’m looking for him to have more of an influence on games at this level, but he's in solid form.”

Jacob Bauer (11 disposals, six marks, four intercept marks, four rebound-50s, three inside-50s)

“Jacob took one of the biggest hangars you'll see in VFL footy. I thought his aerial power on the day was really strong, and he looked dangerous up forward as well, but I’m still looking for him to continue to grow from a defensive point of view.”

 Cam Olden (10 disposals, three marks, four inside-50s)

“Cam didn't have his best day. Just structurally, he was a little bit off on the day and I think he's a player that can really help us moving forward. So, I’m looking forward to him bouncing back this Friday night.”

Nicholas Collier (10 disposals, five contested possessions, 80% disposal efficiency, three marks)

“I thought Nicholas had a really good start to the game, and proved his worth when he was able to be swung back later in the game and help with our flexibility. He's a young player who is progressing nicely.”


Liam George (10 disposals, five contested possessions, two marks)

“Liam George did some beautiful things with the footy on the night. He's got a couple of things in his game that we feel can help him improve really quickly that we've already got to work on, so can't wait to see his continued progression.”

Jacob Koschitzke (10 disposals, five marks, five intercept marks, three rebound-50s)

“I thought Jacob was really sound behind the footy, and I thought his contest work was pretty good. He's in some pretty good form down back.”

Mohammad Yassine (eight disposals, three inside-50s, two marks)

“First game back in six weeks for Mohammad, and I thought he started really well. He had some really big moments where he was clean and used the ball well, which we know he can do. It's a good starting point, and I’m looking forward to seeing him progress again this week.”

Matthew Coulthard (seven disposals, three contested possessions, two tackles)

“I feel as though we're not getting the absolute most out of Matthew at the moment. He displays flashes of brilliance, and we know he can have a big influence, but it's just that consistency that we're looking for at the moment.”

Jed Feneley (seven disposals, three rebound-50s, two tackles)

“I thought defensively Jed was sound. Offensively, we've been continuously challenging Jed to get involved more, and that theme will continue this week.”

Steely Green (seven disposals, two marks, two tackles)

“Very similar to Matthew (Coulthard), I’m just looking for a little bit more influence on games from Steely. He's usually a beautiful user of the football and I felt as though he wasted a couple of opportunities that he would have usually snaffled on the weekend, and that's really important in his role as a small forward.”

Josh Pollocks (six disposals, three marks, three contested marks, two goals)

“Whilst Josh didn't have huge numbers on the stat sheet, I thought he showed once again that he is capable of playing at this level consistently. There are a couple of really pleasing edits that we've seen from him in terms of his forward craft and his ability to bring the ball to ground.”


Nick Guiney (four disposals, three tackles, one inside-50)

“He's a really important player for us but didn't have his best game on the weekend down back. He's not only a solid contributor as a player, but he's a really important leader for our group, so it's important that he bounces back quickly against Port Melbourne under Friday night lights.”