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VFL Report: Round 15

VFL R15: Clarke post-match VFL midfield and development coach, Xavier Clarke speaks to Roar Vision after Richmond's Round 15 VFL win over North Melbourne.

VFL Midfield and Development coach, Xavier Clarke provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Saturday’s Round 15 win over North Melbourne at Holm Park, Beaconsfield.

Sam Lloyd

37 disposals, five tackles, four clearances, eight inside-50s and one goal

“Had a fantastic game, 37 disposals and a goal was pretty pleasing, but the fact that he laid five tackles as well was really strong in the contest. He’s showing great leadership throughout the VFL in the last couple of weeks and is certainly putting his hand up for senior selection which is pleasing to see. His form has been consistent.”

Patrick Naish

26 disposals, four tackles, five inside-50s and one goal

“Has had a good couple of weeks of consistent footy. He’s getting his hands on the ball, but what is pleasing is he’s been strong around the contest, four tackles which has been great as well. His running ability when he gets the ball is certainly exciting to watch.”

Connor Menadue

25 disposals, nine marks, six inside-50s and four rebound-50s

“Has been in great form in the VFL. He continued to get his hands on the ball playing across half-back and wing. When he runs and breaks the lines he’s really great to watch. He’s really setting us up in the VFL at the moment, he’s in good form and certainly putting his hand up for senior selection.”

Tyson Stengle

24 disposals, six goals, five tackles and four score assists

“It was an unbelievable game from Tyson, 24 disposals and six goals was probably his best game in the VFL that he’s had in a very, very long time. He backed it up by being really strong around the ball, had five tackles as well, which we really value from our small forwards. His chase and tackle pressure caused havoc for North Melbourne’s defenders and scored a lot of goals off turnover, which is fantastic for him.”

Jacob Townsend

23 disposals, six marks, six tackles, two goals and six inside-50s

“Had a slow start to the game, first half was relatively quiet, but certainly burst the game open in the second half with his contest. There were a couple of really nice pack marks, in the forward-50, six tackles, he’s a beast and loves getting around the ball, but also finished the game with 23 disposals and two goals, which was great for him.”

Kamdyn McIntosh

18 disposals, five tackles, five inside-50s and three rebound-50s

“I thought it was a really good game from Kamdyn. He played on-ball for the first half and then went to a wing in the second half. He used the ball well and showed some really good form, so it was pleasing to see. He’s certainly again pushing his name up for senior selection.”

Noah Balta

13 disposals, seven marks and four rebound-50s

“A little bit of back, a little bit of forward, one of his quieter days, but certainly never got beaten in the one-on-one contest. When the ball hits the ground and he breaks the game open and takes the ball and runs he’s hard to stop. He’s continuing to develop into a player for us.”

Ben Miller

10 disposals, five marks and two tackles

“Is really becoming a great player for us. This kid’s starting to develop really well as a defender. He sees the game well, and if he continues playing the way he does, then it won’t be too far away before we start talking about his name at senior selection also.”

Callum Coleman-Jones

Nine disposals, nine hit-outs, one goal and two tackles

“Had a really good challenge on the weekend against big (Braydon) Preuss from North Melbourne who’s a very good ruckman, very strong ruckman. It was a good opportunity for ‘CJ’ to work on his craft and play on a pretty dominant ruckman and I thought he worked hard all-day, ‘CJ’. He certainly gave us what we needed in the ruck and around the ground, but certainly something he can learn from and move forward pretty quickly.”

Ivan Soldo

Six disposals, 13 hit-outs and one goal

“His first game back. He was a little bit quieter, started up forward to develop his forward craft, played probably 60-70% of the time forward and less time in the ruck this week, which is a new role for him and something he’ll continue doing over the next few weeks to develop that side of his game. It was great certainly to have him back in the side.”

Brandon Wood

27 disposals, 18 contested possessions, seven clearances and one goal

“Had a really good game. It was great to see him get his hands on the footy this week. When he’s up-and-going around the stoppages and the contest he’s hard to stop with the big body of his. He had seven clearances for us, which was absolutely fantastic and helped us a long way to get into the game and on our terms. It was great to see him back in form.”

Tom Silvestro

24 disposals, six tackles, 12 handball receives, four score assists and three clearances

“He’s playing great footy at the moment for our VFL side. He’s in great form and actually got to spend a little bit of time in the midfield at centre square bounce this week and not on the wing all the time, which I think he really enjoyed. He’s a tackling machine, laid six tackles in the end, but his running ability and the way he plays in our system in the VFL certainly helps us be a really, really good side.

Shaun Mannagh

15 disposals, five tackles and two goals

“Had a nice little game with two goals. He got around the ball a little bit more playing on-ball and also as a high half-forward. His tackle pressure and his running ability is something that’s certainly a strength of his.”

Harry Tanner

15 disposals, two goals and three inside-50s

“Played his third game at Beaconsfield for us, and we call it the ‘Harry Tanner Ground’ at the moment, but he played well. His speed is unbelievable when he gets up-and-going and he was rewarded with two goals and he’s hard to stop when he does get the ball and runs and uses his pace.”

Joel Ernest

14 disposals, three tackles and eight handball receives

“Is playing a really good role for us down back. We’re really pleased with how he’s going. He comes in, he’s really good defensively, and also when he does get the ball he’s got great pace and does break the game open for us. He’s been fantastic since joining the Tigers in the VFL this year.”

Dan Coffield

13 disposals, four marks and six contested possessions

“He’s really starting to cement his spot down there (back) for us. He’s very valuable for us. Even though he’s one of our younger VFL-listed players, he’s very experienced and certainly makes our backline stronger with his voice and leadership.”

Jacob Ballard

12 disposals, one goal and eight tackles

“Hasn’t had a lot of footy in terms of touches, but what he’s bringing in the contest has been absolutely phenomenal, eight tackles, I think last week he also laid eight or nine tackles as well. He’s playing a vital role for us as an inside-mid(fielder), or a forward, or even on the wing and we love what he does around the ball and makes other people certainly walk taller.”

Reuben Hayward

11 disposals, three tackles and six contested possessions

“Again, a little bit quieter, but played down back and a little bit of wing. We really enjoy what he brings for us. He buys into the system really well, and doesn’t really do too much wrong. He’s very reliable and we love what he brings.”

Blake Grewar

11 disposals, four marks and five handball receives

“His second game back, didn’t get a lot of footy, but what he does for us is provide something different, either forward or inside mid(field). He’s a stronger bodied player for us, and can certainly use the ball really well if he gets his hands on it. He was rewarded with a goal as well.”

Connor Riley

10 disposals, four tackles and five handball receives

“Played his second game for the club as our 23rd player. Very reliable for us, does what we ask, buys into the system. He can be a player, he’s got some very good attributes, and hopefully we can continue to see him playing a part for us in the VFL side.”

Billy Coates

10 disposals, four marks and six contested possessions

“Two games in a row now, playing a bit of forward and a bit of back. He’s doing some really good things, Billy. We love him at the club, he buys into what we’re doing and the boys love having him in the team.”

Brenton Credlin

10 disposals, three tackles and five inside-50s

“He’s been absolutely fantastic as a defender and also a winger. His running ability is certainly his strength, and being able to get up and down the ground, either to attack or defend, but his defensive side of his game has certainly been a highlight.”

Ryan Bathie

Eight disposals, three handball receives and three marks

“Comes in and plays a really good role for us, forward and even a pinch-hit in the ruck at the moment. A very smart player. Unfortunately, didn’t get any goals this week, but he’s very smart with his forward craft.”