Richmond has become the newest member of the Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) making a commitment to a positive impact on the environment.  

The membership is a natural fit given Richmond’s proud history and recognition and respect of Indigenous heritage, which includes the land on which they meet, work and train.

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On welcoming Richmond Football Club to the Sports Environment Alliance network, SEA Executive Director, Dr Sheila Nguyen, said,

"The Sports Environment Alliance is extremely excited to have Richmond Football Club on board, leading on the field, Richmond FC has placed importance on leaving a legacy off the field in their commitment to their greater community.

"With their connection to the traditional owners of the land, it makes sense that they also value the health of the land, while also extending the knowledge and networks of our members and partners, and improving their level of impact and influence, which are integral to the movement.

“We welcome Richmond to the family as they add their weight to a growing voice to protect the space that gives us a place to play and we support their journey into our clean future."

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Richmond CEO Brendon Gale said, the organisation is committed, as a community, to reducing their environmental footprint and if possible, leaving the environment in a better state than found.

Richmond has already installed solar panels on all newly established buildings to provide an electricity supply to Punt Road Oval premises.

 “Not only do we all have a responsibility to future generations, but equally, to Australia’s First Peoples who nurtured this land for tens of thousands of years.

“We look forward to learning from, and with, other member organisations to ensure we take a business-wide approach to operating sustainably and to help ensure we have spaces where sport can be enjoyed long into the future.”