VFL and development coach, Craig McRae provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Sunday’s Round 10 match against Williamstown. 

Corey Ellis

26 disposals, seven clearances, one goal and six tackles

“Corey was our most consistent player over four quarters, 26 disposals, seven clearances and a really classy goal. He is one player that can have his head held high for his performance. He had 13 contested possessions as well.”

Patrick Naish

18 disposals, four tackles, three inside-50s and five rebound-50s

“Played down back and is really learning how to defend consistently, sometimes he gets caught in-between. He’s improving, 18 disposals and I’d like to think we’re evolving him in different roles throughout his development, but it was an okay performance from Patrick.’

Daniel Rioli

16 disposals, two goals, two clearances and two tackles

“Played his first full game for the season, kicked two goals—one in particular was a nice snap around his body, 16 disposals and a four-quarter performance. We’d like his tackle numbers to be a little higher, but he looked more ready for AFL football this week.”

Sam Lloyd

16 disposals, 12 contested possessions, seven tackles and four clearances

“Was heavily tagged, had to fight for everything he got. He was reported on the day and it will be interesting to see what happens there. He had 12 contested possessions out of 16 (disposals) so he had to earn everything he got, seven tackles was a feature.”

Callum Coleman-Jones

15 disposals, 35 hit-outs, four clearances and seven tackles

“Played in the ruck, with (Ivan) Soldo a late withdrawal. It was a good opportunity for him, he had 35 hit-outs, which is pleasing. He competed well around the ground, and had 15 disposals and shows that the future’s bright for him in that role.”

Jacob Townsend

14 disposals, 14 tackles, two goals and four marks

“14 tackles, two goals and looked really strong in the aerial part of the game as well. He played above the level in terms of his competitiveness.”

Shai Bolton

14 disposals, two goals, five tackles and four clearances

“Playing good football at VFL level. Only 14 disposals but had a little bit of a pinch-hit in the midfield and up forward. Eight contested possessions, five tackles and two goals is a good output. Also, a VFL mark of the year contender from a pretty spectacular catch.”

Tyson Stengle

11 disposals, six tackles, one goal and four inside-50s

“Really looked sharp and dangerous early. We’ve been challenging him in recent weeks with the defensive side of his game and he had six tackles, kicked a goal and as always, used the ball really well.”

Noah Balta

11 disposals, four tackles, 13 hit-outs and three inside-50s

“Started forward, went into the ruck and then ended up back, so he’s got great flexibility. His athletic ability stands out for all to see, at times running down, bouncing the ball and taking players on, which we like. His aerial stuff is something we want to keep challenging him on, and keep getting better at. He only had one contested mark and had plenty of opportunities to have more.”

Liam Baker

10 disposals, two clearances, two tackles and two inside-50s

“It was a quiet day. He started forward and then went into the midfield a little bit. Ten possessions is probably the lowest he’s had for the season, so it wasn’t one of his best performances.”

Nathan Drummond

10 disposals, four marks and three rebound-50s

“Played half-back, again learning opportunities for him when his player goes up the ground. What involvement is needed from him in his role. He’s a really hard runner for us though, and gets back and supports the backline really well.”

Ben Miller

Nine disposals, two tackles and five contested possessions

“A strong contributor, hard to play on. I love it when he spoils strong and then follows up his work. He’s developing nicely for us.”

Ryan Garthwaite

Six disposals, two marks and two rebound-50s

“As always, someone we really rely on in defence. Anyone that plays on Ryan knows that they’re going to be in for a hard day. He continues to show his good form.”

Oleg Markov

“Unfortunately hurt himself in the very first contest of the day, which left us short down back and he was sorely missed.”

Jake Aarts

15 disposals, seven tackles and two clearances

“Continues to be one of our best VFL players. He’s such a strong competitor, seven tackles, nine contested possessions. He didn’t impact the scoreboard this week but was a real solid contributor for us.”

Jacob Ballard

14 disposals, 10 tackles, 10 handball receives and six inside-50s

“Plays a bit of wing, was our captain on the day, ten tackles, six inside-50s, which was the most of anyone on the ground. He’s a really strong competitor and led from the front.”

Charlie Thompson

14 disposals, four tackles, one goal and four inside-50s

“Our 23rd player, had 14 disposals and had limited minutes at times playing as an inside mid. Eight contested possessions and four tackles was something that we were pleased with.”

Tom Silvestro

13 disposals, three tackles, four clearances and four rebound-50s

“Played mainly wing, but we put him forward in the last quarter. He’s such a solid runner for us, gets up and back and is really integral to our team defence.”

Shaun Mannagh

13 disposals, five tackles, four clearances and five inside-50s

“Played his first game for a couple of weeks, came in and played his role well. He had opportunities to possess the ball more, he was around the contest more. Some good learnings for him. Nine of his 13 possessions were contested, so that’s a nice part of his game. We like to get the ball on the outside to him, so that’s symbolic of how the game was played.”

Joel Ernest

11 disposals, four rebound-50s and two tackles

“One of our VFL players, playing his third game off half-back. He can run-and-carry the ball and we want the ball in his hands more and look to change the angles and come into his own. I thought he defended solidly.”

Ryan Bathie

Nine disposals, five hit-outs, one goal and three inside-50s

“Was a forward/ruck for us. He didn’t impact the aerial contest, like others on the day. We needed a strong contest from him, only one mark wasn’t enough from him. Kicked a nice goal, late.”

Reuben Hayward

Eight disposals, one tackle and one rebound-50

“Came in and hasn’t played since early in the season. He was a 23rd eligible (player) but played as one of the normal 22 players. Played across half-back and a little bit through the wing. Lost a couple of aerial contests, which is an opportunity for him to improve.”

Daniel Coffield

Three disposals, three marks and two tackles

“Returned from injury, had been out for the whole pre-season and it was his first game back. He looked a bit rusty early, but I was pleased with how he progressed as the game wore on.”