Development and VFL backline coach, Ryan Ferguson provides an exclusive summary of the AFL and VFL-listed players from Saturday night’s Round 9 VFL win over Geelong.




Anthony Miles

32 disposals, nine clearances, seven marks, seven tackles.

Typical hard-nosed game, gave us plenty of grunt as he usually does. Love his tackle pressure.


Jake Batchelor

21 disposals, seven marks, four tackles, four spoils.

Really controlled the backs like he usually does. Took some strong intercept marks and his defensive pressure was outstanding.


Steven Morris

21 touches, nine marks, four tackles, four goals.

A revelation up forward. Reinvigorated by his new role, hit the scoreboard heavily.


Jacob Townsend

21 disposals, 10 tackles, five clearances, four marks.

Laid one of the best tackles you’ll see on Wylie Buzza. That tackling pressure seems to be a regular occurrence for him.


Oleg Markov

20 disposals, five tackles, four marks, one clearance.

Played a steady game early without seeing a lot of the footy. When the game was up for grabs in the third term, he provided an amazing amount of rebound and ball use, setting up some goals for us.


Ben Lennon

16 disposals, three marks, two tackles, one goal.

Had lots of shots on goal, and probably could have ended up with more. Still valuable with his two goals and contributed in a lot of other ways. A run down spoil from the full length of the ground was a standout.

Taylor Hunt

15 disposals, two marks, one tackle.

Showed a calm head when we needed it. Also gave us some speed at times.


Nathan Broad

12 disposals, five marks, four tackles.

Strong within our backline structure. Made us look good behind the ball all day.


Ryan Garthwaite

12 disposals, seven tackles, four marks.

Did a great job on Aaron Black. Forced him up very high to make him get his kicks towards their backline. His tackle pressure and fight was outstanding.


Tyson Stengle

12 disposals, eight marks, one tackle, two goals.

Was elusive and clean with the ball as usual. Could have had a few extra goals, but was still able to impact the scoreboard and feed a lot off to his teammates.


Corey Ellis

11 disposals, seven tackles, four marks, one goal.

Had an impact for us. Didn’t rack up as many touches as he has for us in the past couple of weeks, but he was still able to impact the game at times.


Ivan Maric

Eight disposals, 30 hitouts, three clearances, two tackles.

Our warrior in the ruck. Provided a cool head, and stuck up for the boys when it got testing.


Mabior Chol

Nine disposals, four marks, four tackles, one goal.

Has a bit of zing back in his game. As well as his goal, he put on a lot of blocks to allow other guys to score, which was great to see. Had a real team focus.


Jack Graham

Nine disposals, three clearances, two tackles, one mark.

Played the first half and it was great to see him out there, enjoying playing footy in his first game with the guys.




Jacob Ballard

25 disposals, seven marks, four tackles, two goals.

Fought really hard, probably was a little bit sore at times. Still was able to give us high energy and high work rate, which he always does.


Brandon Wood

25 disposals, seven clearances, five tackles, two goals.

Similar to Ballard, in that he started a bit slow, but was able to work himself into the game and kick a couple of goals.


Sam Darley

22 disposals, eight marks, four inside-50s.

His leadership was strong again. Gave us plenty of drive alternating between wing and half-back.


Thomas Silvestro

21 disposals, four tackles, two marks, one goal.

Reliable as ever.


Daniel Coffield

14 disposals, five marks, two tackles.

Was playing quite sore, but was still able to apply his trademark intercept skills, whether they were spoils, marks or tackles.


Derek Smith

13 disposals, four tackles, two marks, two clearances.

His tackling was a feature early, but gave us some run, speed and ball use as well.


Ryan Bathie

12 disposals, six marks, two tackles, two goals.

Solid up forward, gave us another avenue to goal.


Hugh Beasley

12 disposals, three marks, one tackle.

Played on their big boys, as he always does, and performed a good role for us.


Jake Aarts

11 disposals, two marks, one clearance, one goal.

Was also dangerous down there. Works in well with his team play, and brings others into the game.