We continue our special post-season series presenting the thoughts of Richmond’s latest premiership heroes on that wonderful one day in September 2019. Today, speedy utility Liam Baker talks about the Tigers’ tremendous triumph.

Grand Final lead-up

“We were pretty up and about. Personally, I couldn’t stop thinking about it…I just wanted to get out there Saturday and (hear) that final siren. Everyone was saying to enjoy the week and I think I did, but I also wanted Saturday to come around.”

Grand Final parade

“I was smiling the whole week really. I saw a few people I knew and people were just yelling out (my) name, it was pretty cool. The good turnout from the Tiger fans was unreal.”

The big game itself

“It didn’t come down my way too much but I was watching the forwards kick goals and we were getting up and about. And then that second half was pretty good. The last few minutes when Cotch kicked that goal, that and when Marlion kicked his goal, those were the best moments of the day.”

First sense that Richmond had secured the flag

“At half-time I knew we had to do a fair bit to lose it. Probably 10 minutes into the third quarter I thought, ‘I think we’ve got this.’”

The last two minutes

“I remember all the coaches and the players started coming down towards the bench (where I was), that’s when we started hugging everyone and we knew we’d done it.”

At the final siren

“I gave (Damien Hardwick) a hug and he was just as over the moon as I was...I remember throwing a couple of arms up in the air and then sprinted down to the backline and got around them…and then slowly made my way into the middle.”

A dream come true

“It was a dream come true and it doesn’t feel too real yet. In the next few weeks it will probably settle down a bit and then it will start feeling real.”