VFL and development coach, Craig McRae provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Sunday’s Round 9 win over Collingwood at Victoria Park. 

Anthony Miles

44 disposals, three goals, 11 marks, 12 clearances and 14 handball receives

“Continued his stellar form at VFL level. High possessions again playing multiple roles, including inside mid, eight clearances, three goals on the back of big numbers, clearly he’s in great form.”

Sam Lloyd

31 disposals, two goals, six clearances and five tackles

“He played a bit of wing, as well as inside mid and a bit forward. He was another who had big numbers, high clearance numbers as well as kicking two goals. He had a big influence on the game and is one of our important players.”

Corey Ellis

23 disposals, 10 tackles, 10 handball receives and five inside-50s

“Was really tough around the midfield, mid-20 possessions, seven tackles was a feature of his game. His contested part of the game really stood out. He’s playing great footy.”

Shai Bolton

17 disposals, eight tackles and five clearances

“Worked through the midfield, in a combination with Daniel Rioli and Tyson Stengle and he really impacted, particularly around clearances. The contested part of the game, he had six tackles, but it was his energy, agility and burst out of stoppage that stood out. It was a great performance from him.”

Nathan Drummond

14 disposals, four rebound-50s and one goal

“Returned from a hamstring injury, played a full game off half-back. Elite runner, his running capability is his greatest strength and we saw that with his ability to get up and defend the back-half of the ground, but also forward half. It was a good return from him, he kicked a nice goal.”

Tyson Stengle

16 disposals, two goals, seven tackles and three clearances

“Again, played midfield in small parts. His energy around the ball, his decision making is a feature. He led the team for tackles and kicked two goals in what was a good performance.”

Jacob Townsend

13 disposals, four marks and one goal

“Played mainly forward and had a little pinch-hit in the midfield. The contested side of his game, particularly in the air was a feature. He brought the ball to ground well, which he was doing at AFL level. He left the ground as we managed his game time late in the game and he kicked a goal.”vb

Liam Baker

12 disposals, two goals and three inside-50s

“Played as a small forward this week, we’re really trying to develop him in different roles. He got on the end of a couple of goals. One from a great tackle from Shai, but also one from reading the play off a stoppage. He finished with two goals, he’s learning his craft.”

Oleg Markov

12 disposals, three rebound-50s and four marks

“He continues his stellar form at VFL level. He’s defending really well, playing on the third tall forward and he’s really hard to play against and he’s getting on the end of some rebounds. Five spoils was a feature, he’s playing good footy.”

Daniel Rioli

11 disposals, six tackles and one goal

“Played close to a full game and looks more ready to play AFL footy from this game. Really high energy, from contest-to-contest, high tackles and kicked a nice goal jumping at the footy and marking the ball. He looks really close now.”

Noah Balta

11 disposals, three marks, five inside-50s and one goal

“Probably arguably his best game as a forward. He kicked 1.3, but it was more the way he competed in the air and his ability to get to the right positions for long-down-the-line contests and his pattern was much better. I enjoyed his pressure around the ball as well. He had a little stint in the ruck too, which showed his ability to be able to jump at the ball.”

Patrick Naish

10 disposals, three tackles and two clearances

“He’s still learning his craft. We’re really teaching him the basics of defence. When to come off his man and when to impact the game. It was a solid performance, but he’ll have plenty to learn from his game.”

Ivan Soldo

11 disposals, 37 hit-outs, four inside-50s, four rebound-50s and four marks

“Dominated the ruck, which helped our midfield in particular. He looked really big and strong in the aerial contests too, he took some nice marks. He’s a really important player in our team at the moment. He’s giving our mids first hand on the ball.”

Ben Miller

Seven disposals, two tackles and two inside-50s

“He started a bit slowly, but really worked his way into the game. His defensive stuff, aerial spoiling, coming forward to defend stuff was a real feature. I really enjoyed his game.”

Callum Coleman-Jones

Nine disposals, one goal, three tackles and three marks

“Another who looks like he’s growing in his role and his understanding of what’s required from him. Not big numbers stats wise, but playing his role brilliantly and another who kicked 1.3, but him and Noah really supported our ball movement well.”

Ryan Garthwaite

Eight disposals, six marks and three rebound-50s

“I think he was a stand-out, particularly in the third quarter, they (Collingwood) couldn’t get through him, he took five intercept marks. He’s a really important player. He stabilises our defence and makes us really hard to score against. He’s playing great football at VFL level.”

Charlie Thompson

18 disposals, six handball receives and five marks

“Our 23rd player, he knows how to find the football, having over 20 possessions from 60% game time, he’s a real ball magnet. He’s a quality inside midfielder for us and uses the ball well.”

Tom Silvestro

19 disposals, one goal, eight handball receives and three tackles

“He continues to play his role week-after-week. A hard runner, 20+ disposals, kicked a goal and set-up many others. He’s a great player.”

Jake Aarts

14 disposals, eight marks and two tackles

“A little terrier. His aerial contest is a feature, he took two contested marks, one-on-one. He’s really strong and hard to play against. We love him at our level and I wouldn’t be surprised if AFL scouts aren’t looking at him.”

Jacob Ballard

12 disposals, six tackles and two clearances

“Played a bit of wing, a bit of forward and had seven tackles. His defensive stuff the last couple of weeks has been a real feature. He’s playing great footy for us.”

Joel Ernest

10 disposals, five tackles and two inside-50s

“His second game at VFL level and again, looked capable and his running capability really helps our side in particular to defend well.” 

Steve Morris

11 disposals, four tackles, four marks and three rebound-50s

“Was outstanding with his leadership, with the way he sets up behind the play and the way he organizes things and his courage and puts his body on the line. He led the team with seven spoils and is an outstanding player.”

James Fletcher

Four disposals and two inside-50s

“Unfortunately hurt his hamstring, performed really well, but hurt his hamstring in the third quarter and didn’t return. He’ll be sorely missed.”